Monday, June 26, 2006

Lessons Learned

  • Don't put an egg on the counter before being ready to add it to the cookie dough.

  • It takes a two year old about half a second to grab an egg off the counter, and crack it open. Saying "No!" a quarter second after putting it down, is already much too late.

  • One egg can cover the counter, the mixer, the front of all four drawers below the mixer, most of the bottom of the drawer that was left slightly open, and much of the floor.

  • One egg can take approximately 10 minutes to clean up.

  • A 9 month old boy can eat about half a container of baby snacks in the time it takes to clean up one egg.

  • Half a container of baby snacks can fill up the tray of a booster seat, the seat of the booster seat, and half the kitchen floor.

  • Baby snacks mixed with egg are very hard to get off the floor.

  • If you think you can whip up cookies in 10 minutes with a toddler, you aren't accounting for cleaning up the egg.


Cari said...

Oh yuck! On a rare occasion when I'm making a box cake, my five year old will ask to do the egg all by himself. Absolutely not! I say. You just reaffirmed my decision. Thanks!!!!

Ann said...

Ooops - toddlers certainly can be fun. Some days I freak - others I just make fun of it all. Hope the cookies turned out well.