Thursday, July 06, 2006

Logan at 10 months

These last 10 months have zipped by. It seems there is never enough time in the day to relax and fully appreciate these little beings we are raising. Having a four day weekend to play was so much fun!

At 10 months old, Logan is now a deliberate being. He knows where he wants to go, what he wants to play with, whether or not he wants to eat or sleep. (Yes, yes, yes to the former, absolutely no to the latter.) He crawls all over the place and rarely wants to sit and snuggle now that he knows he can get places. He does do a traditional crawl, but just as often crawls on hands and feet, especially when outside on rough terrain or cement. Although it looks rather awkward, he really has it down and it is nice to not worry about him scraping those little knees. He also now pulls himself up on everything. He cruises along and we can see him getting more adventurous about letting go. He often stands holding on with only one hand, and people have commented on him letting go with both, but only for a second before he drops. He can easily climb a flight of stairs, as demonstrated at a friend's house when we saw him do that for the first time, as if he had been doing it for years. We didn't find out if he could go down, as we don't want to see how quickly he can tumble. He can go down one or two steps, and is even starting to go feet first, as opposed to doing a nosedive, and getting lucky half the time to catch himself with his hands. He tries the same technique off our hearth, but the results aren't so good. He does get help from his big brother getting off the hearth. Those results are a bit worse. He does like to sit up there though, clapping and giggling as if he knows he is the Greatest Show on Earth. Who am I kidding? He kinda is. Logan now waves coming and going, but not consistently. Sometimes there is a delayed reaction, and he will wave after we have walked away from someone. He still has a bit of separation anxiety, as well as reunion anxiety. It doesn't matter if we walk away or come back in- it bugs him either way. Upon our return to the room, he wants a snuggle or he complains.

Food is definitely his friend. This kid eats an amazing amount. He is in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th for height, so he is a tiny little thing, but has a seemingly limitless appetite. He only nurses for a few minutes, preferring instead to crawl around, but does drink bottles when away from me. He nurses a bit more in the early morning, and sometimes before bed. He isn't picky, although he does prefer things much milder than Hayden ever did. He loves his cereal, likes his yogurt and most anything else. He drinks well from a cup or sippy cup, and anything that resembles a cup to him gets used as one, whether at the table, playing, or in the bath. It is so cute to see him play with a giant sports cup, tipping his head back as if he is chugging a 32 oz soda. He seems to have a short attention span, so when he is feeding himself, it quickly leads to just throwing everything on the floor. We sweep EVERY day. Fillip rarely even lets him feed himself, but feeds him instead. I do both, depending on how hungry I happen to be, or how much attention Hayden needs.

Logan does babble as he plays, which I just love. He also still makes that funny Flipper noise, so unique to him. He has made this noise since birth, and it is definitely a happy noise. He is also a giggler, most often at his brother. He is Hayden's best audience. Those two get each other going, and it is hilarious to see. Logan is such a flirt with everyone, everywhere. He loves when pretty girls are nearby, catching their eye with a twinkle in his, smiling sweetly. Then, once they have noticed him, he turns up the charm with a big grin. People stop us all the time to comment on his bright blue eyes. Just when I started to waver in my belief that his eyes would change to green, Fillip now thinks they might. We'll see. He still has no teeth, although his gums do swell. He has chronic ear infections and Dr. J just recommended seeing and ENT to discuss tubes. The benchmark is 4 infections in 6 months, which we have easily reached. This last one was tough to clear and last Friday night we (me and Logan)were up every 1-2 hours. He bats at his ear and has been so fussy. Poor guy.

He plays independently pretty well. His favorite thing to do is either bang things together or throw them on the floor to see how loud and far they will bounce. He loves turn taking where I pass him something, and he passes it right back. Each time I return the toy he babbles and claps his hands, which I take as praise for being a genius Mommy. Bedtime can be a bit challengins as he like lots of snuggling before going down, which Daddy gladly indulges. He usually sleeps in his crib, but often his swing. He does nap well, going down without much fuss at all. In the mornings, I nurse him before work, then we snuggle up in bed together. I love that sleepy sweet lump next to me. His teachers constantly tell us how good his is, that he is such a happy baby. He certainly brings us tons of joy, and I am so happy we are lucky enough to be his parents.

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