Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Monday

Nothing starts my Monday better than stopping at the coffee cart for my iced vanilla latte and bagel. Well, nothing other than the cart blasting Play That Funky Music White Boy. Man, I just love that song!!!

We had a good weekend, chock full of sun and water. On Saturday, Hayden and I battled the traffic on PCH to get to the beach. Seems my idea to head down to the shore was not an original one on a Saturday afternoon in sunny southern california. Once we got there, it was a perfect beach day- hot and clear with big crashing waves. We had to park all the way at the end of Zuma, but the walk from the parking lot to the water is shorter there anyway. Hayden was so cute in his Cool Dude Sunglasses with his new bucket of sand toys. "I cool dude!" Yes. Yes you are. After being plied with french fries and a rejected milkshake on the way, he was content to play in the sand while I played whale on the blanket. Lest I fall asleep, he would check on me periodically with "wake up Mommy!" We had fun making triangles, stars and chevrons in the sand. He wanted no part of going in the water, begrudgingly accompanying me to get my feet wet. He sat crouched on the dry sand and eventually decided nuts to this and went to the blanket. Fortunately I could see him the whole time as I caught up with him at our blanket. He later came back to the water with me on the agreement that I would hold him. Watching Mommy get splashed was great fun. He fell soundly asleep on the way home, after melting down about everything he could think of. It's like when the Sleepies take over, they are these evil little beings. No wonder he fights it! Logan and Fillip seemed to have a good time together, although Logan was napping when I left, and again when I returned, so I felt bad about not having more time with him.

Yesterday was spent at a couple different pools. The kids both enjoyed themselves in the bath warm pool in the morning, but Logan was nonplussed in the cooler pool in the afternoon. For him "swimming" means hanging out in his float as a pool ornament. He just floated around with this funny disgruntled expression on his facing. He may not have been smiling, but the rest of us were at his expense. He did warm up when I played with him, but was highly (and loudly) offended when my gf tickled his feet under the water. Of all the indignities! Hayden is now bravely jumping off the edge of the pool into the water, as long as someone is holding his hands. He wanted to do this again and again and again and again, so we were making him climb out himself, until those little arms were shaking with fatigue. Once he got too tired, he walked away without a word to get his towel from Fillip. Once that kid is done, he is done. No fanfare needed. Both boys did enjoy dinner afterward, go figure. Logan must have a hollow leg for all that he can pack away. I love that both boys are such great eaters- in quantity and assortment. They will try anything, and like most everything. Hayden is funny in that he isn't wild about sweets. We crack up to hear ourselves say things like "eat two more bites of chicken and you may have more lima beans." Really, we can hardly keep a straight face at these times.

Weekends are so much more satisfying when we make it a point to get out and do things. Often we get bogged down in getting things done at home. The kids get restless, we all get cranky and I return to work on Monday feeling like I never got a break. Interesting enough, I got just as much done at home this weekend, despite being out so much. I just concentrate my efforts better while the kids are sleeping, rather than spreading it all out while trying to entertain, contain, referee the boys all at once.

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