Friday, April 28, 2006

The first number two!

Hayden pooped on the potty last night!

oh...for anyone reading who doesn't have kids and therefore a vested interest in the elimination habits of another human being, you may want to skip this one.

Two nights ago he wanted to sit on his potty sans diaper for the first time, at least the first time with me. Then he took the little seat to "mommy's potty" (at least something is mine around here) and sat there for the longest time. Now, when you are two years old, there is only so much to occupy you when you are sitting bare bottomed with your feet swinging in the air. You can talk to Mommy, comment on your cranky brother rolling around on the bathroom floor, keep threatening to unroll all the toilet paper, and play with your penis. So, that is what he did. He really wanted some toilet paper (which he calls paper towels) so I said if he went pee pee in the potty, he could use some. A few minutes later he allegedly did. Now, I can't confirm either way and he seems too honest for his own good (ie: to the sound of Logan screaming "Mommy, I pushed brother!"), so I told him Good Job! and gave him some paper. He thrives on praise and then wanted to stay up there to do it again. Since it was bedtime, he was doing an excellent job of stalling, something he has made into an art form lately, and I had to eventually drag him off and force his jammies onto him. As much as I want to encourage the potty, there is a point where we need to move on to something else. How do I find a balance without discouraging him?

Last night he said he wanted to sit on the potty again and by the time I got into the bathroom he had put his seat on the toilet and removed his diaper. Well, lo and behold, I think he was as surprised as I was when he pooped. Had I had the setup to pull a string to set off confetti and a fanfare in our bathroom, I would have! Of course, then he wanted to stay up there to do it again, and was not happy to get down and go put on jammies. We called Fillip and told him the good news, who dutifully praised Hayden as if he had won the Nobel Prize.

So, it looks like we are definitely moving onto potty training. We had no intention of even starting yet, feeling like Hayden wasn't near ready, but like everything else he is leading us. We still don't feel the need to worry about it too much, but he is welcome to go on the potty any time he wants. He sees the kids at school and I suspect that is what prompted this. My little guy is growing up so fast!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Professional Administrative Assistants' Day

To all you working stiffs out there- Happy Day!! I hope your boss(es) did something great for you!

They can be taught!
Last year, my main (#1) boss called to apologize at the end of the day for forgetting all about it. He said he would make it up to me, he appreciated all my hard work, and would do something really nice. He then promptly forgot all about it. Had he just forgotten to begin with, I wouldn't have cared a bit. However, making a promise, then forgetting is never acceptable to me.

This year two of my other bosses (#4 & #5) approached me and invited me out to lunch. As nice as that is, I was so nervous. What could we possibly have to say to each other? It turned out quite nice and more relaxed than I expected. I truly tried to have topics of conversation other than my kids, but they just kept asking me about those munchkins. As we were leaving, my main boss apologized for not taking me to lunch. He was rushing out early to take care of details before his wife has a baby tomorrow. Ok Mr., you're excused- this time! Well, when I returned he was gone, but there was a nice card with an even nicer note and a check! That's more like it! The note really means the most since he actually put some thought into it. A little appreciation goes a loooooong way.

A fourth boss (#3 actually) has ignored the day completely. See the Memo in another post to get feel for this guy. He did call to speak with Boss #1, asking if he would be out tomorrow. Me- "No, his wife is having the baby tomorrow." Boss #3- "Yeah, I know. I was just wondering." Really? Do you really think he will be here while his wife gives birth? What a bozo! Bosses #2 and #6 haven't said anything, but they did just tranfer from NY last week, so hopefully they took very good care of their gal in that office.

All in all I feel good about the day. Having had no expectations whatsoever, it was a very nice day!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wheezy McGee hits the road

Well, it certainly looks like Logan got my genes. Although he hasn't officially been diagnosed with asthma, it is pretty clear. He does fine as long as we continue the nebulizer treatments, but is wheezing within a couple days of stopping the medication. The pediatrician had two recommendations for us. The first one is to get Logan away from the cats for a week. He suggested going to my inlaws for a week or taking a vacation. Hmmm... I wonder what we'd rather do.... So, we are planning a vacation! The second recommendation is to see an allergist. We are happy to do that, as we feel like we aren't getting to the root of the problem, just treating symptoms, rather than trying find out why he is having trouble.

So, vacation...
We are talking about renting a motor home and hitting the road! I'm really excited as we haven't had a vacation in about 3 years. Well, we did go to Chicago for a family reunion for a few days, but it was a whirlwind, with little time to see the sights. A few years ago we went to Hawaii for a family wedding, but it was a whirlwind with little time to see the sights. See a theme here? This way, we can see the sights at our leisure with no other family obligations, cook some meals as we want, etc... I think it will be really fun! It was Fillip's idea, and a great one.

Passover cont'd

Saturday we made the long journey for another seder at my mom's house. Despite a rough beginning, this was the most enjoyable of the bunch.

The first two hours of our ride were filled with alternate yelling by Fillip and Hayden. We tried to time the trip so that both boys would nap for most of the ride, but Hayden hadn't agreed to that plan. After two hours, we decided he was up for the duration and we may as well get lunch. Well, an entire hamburger patty and some french fried induced a very effective food coma in our little guy, who fell sound asleep still clutching his french fries. Phew! At one point, he started to stir, ate the french fries in his hand, licked his fingers, then passed back out, having never even opened his eyes. Fillip almost crashed the car from laughing so hard!

At my mom's Hayden was free to run once again, at least for a few minutes. Papa Arnie was greeted with "ride Papa's cart!" So, Papa Arnie immediately took Hayden for a ride in the golf cart. Nothing like a dose of grandparents to spoil a kid! I guess that's their privelege, and a fun part about being a kid. Both boys did really great. Hayden wowed the relatives with his piety. As soon as the candle lighting begins, he covers his eyes "Shabbat style" and says the blessing over the wine. He then gives a very solemn Amen, and looks around like we should all do the same. My little mensch. Very funny. My mom was kvelling. The seder is more like highlights of a seder and lasted about 30 mins. When it comes to drinking your four glasses of wine, you've got to really keep up! Fillip was having a good time in that arena and it was a fun time overall. Desserts were delicious (a nice change from the awful Passover desserts of my childhood) and I was very happy to be there. The drive home was long and very late, but worth it, I think.

We have a few more days of Passover, but things are pretty routine now except for the dietary restrictions. It is only 8 days, but I want a bagel so bad!!! The holiday is actually forcing me to eat a bit healthier since I don't like matzah. Instead of a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, I am having a yogurt and fruit. For lunch I get a salad (well, except yesterday when my salad was accompanied by a loaded baked potato.) Maybe I'll lose those last few pounds after all.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Passover recap

Last night was the second night of Passover. I'm beat.

The first night:
I think there were about 30 pp at the seder. Fillip's Aunt made a whole thing before hand about "squeezing in" the kids. We even brought our own chair for Logan. You know, "the family is growing so rapidly, and I really like to include my friends too." We were seated off to the side, where we couldn't see or hear a thing. Seems to me the reason you do this is to keep the tradition going by teaching the kids. When they can't see or hear what is going on, they are just bored sitting there for 2 hours for no good reason. When you are asked to arrived promptly at 5:30pm, you don't expect dinner to be served after nine. The kids were going crazy from being hungry and tired. Fillip's Aunt seemed put out and surprised when I finally went into the kitchen to make Hayden a plate. I found the brisket and gave him a tiny bit and she said "well, isn't that enough for him? He ate his hard boiled egg, right?" WTF?! No, that's not enough. We generally give our kid a full meal, which he eats when he isn't so tired he could drop. Not only do we give him food, we also give him a plate, a fork and a napkin- which I had to practically beg her for, item by item. Does she think we just put him and Logan on the floor and throw food at them like dogs?

Can you tell I'm kinda pissed? I am really ticked about the whole thing. Fillip's bro joked that we should have our own seder next year. That sounds great.

Last night was better, but still such a late evening. Also, Hayden was already overtired from the night before, so chances of avoiding a meltdown (our goal for most outings) was next to nothing.

The second night:
This Aunt was much more mindful of having kids. Instead of gourmet eggplant or trout spreads, she had fruit gel candies, which we got in trouble for trying to curtail the kids' consumption of. She provided Passover placemats with markers to give the little ones something to do. She approached me and asked if Hayden was hungry, bringing him a matzoh ball. She truly went beyond what anyone could expect of a very busy hostess to make us feel welcome and accomodate little kids. The fact that it was still late is just the nature of things, and we ate much earlier than the previous evening.

Overall, I think Hayden had a good time, aside from the seder. He loves playing with his cousins and was running around chasing after all of them. After dinner, the tradition is for the kids to find the afikomin (a hidden piece of matzah, symbolizing dessert. We get actual dessert after all is said and done.) Since obviously Hayden had no clue what was going on, I got to help! The excitement of the kids was contagious and he eagerly ran to go look for whatever we said was hidden. I instructed him to look under this and that, and all of a sudden I saw that white paper towel peeking out from under magazines. "Hayden, that's what you are looking for. Pull it out!" He hesitantly grabbed it (being far more used to instructions not to touch anything rather than pillaging an unfamiliar living room) and held it up. It was like Charlie finding the Golden Ticket. Hayden found it! Hayden found it! Go give it to Uncle Marvin! Off we went to hand in the prize. Uncle Marvin handed over $20! Wowzers! I used to get $2 back in the day. Hayden doesn't know $2 from $20, but he does like having money. In Fillip's family, the winner gives part of the winnings to each kids who searched (guess when you only get two bucks, not much to go around, but with twenty, its a different story.) So Hayden was given one dollar bills, and handed them to each kid. It was very cute. I especially liked when my 5 year old nephew patted him on the back saying "Good job Hayden. That was really good." What a good sport!

Although that was toward the end of the evening, it definitely lightened things up, as we were no longer having to sit still and quiet (well, there was an attempt to achieve this, but it didn't fly too well.) We were told what angels our children are, even by those sitting next to us. By the time we got home we were absolutely exhausted.

btw- Lest anyone think I have forgotten about Logan, he was great. He charmed the relatives endlessly with his latest schtick. He ate his dinner and played until the end of the seder. At that point he started to get cranky, so I changed him into jammies, gave him a good washdown with the wipes (did Fillip bathe him in Gerber chicken and rice? His face, hands and chest were completely encrusted), and tucked him in to his carrier to go to sleep. He was so tired and, I think, relieved to go to sleep. I stayed with him a few mins, as he kept checking to make sure I was there. I find that sweet and am happy to indulge him, especially when the house is unfamiliar. (While I was peacefully getting Logan undressed and to sleep, Fillip and Hayden were battling in the hallway over Hayden crumbling his matzah all over the floor, for the third time!)

My MIL has the joy of taking care of my most likely cranky boys today. Lucky her! Lucky us in that we aren't having Shabbat dinner tonight. We need a night off from large, late family gatherings. Our last seder is tomorrow evening at my mom's house. The seder itself will be much shorter, but the drive is almost 3 hours each way. Hopefully, the boys will sleep most of the way. Hopefully, I will sleep sometime in the next decade.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm pitiful

After two years, you would think I could handle the separation anxiety of dropping the kids off at daycare. I was soooo cocky about my delight in staying home sick. Oh yeah, I'm gonna have a grand ol' time! Yeah, well, have I mentioned my feeling that mommies don't get sick time? Dh happened to oversleep this morning, and with his infected elbow can't easily lift the kids so he couldn't take them in the shower (as agreed, or I would have bathed them last night) and now didn't have time to take them to school. So, of course, I get to. Hello! I'm home sick here!

Anyway, off we go to school. I drop Hayden in his classroom and say I will be back in a few mins to say goodbye. Logan's classroom is hopping with Old School rap, dancing babies and teachers, and all kinds of fun. (Gee, I wish I could remember what song it was, because it just struck me as so funny to see those babies bopping to that.) Apparantly Logan can stand by himself holding onto something, which I didn't even know! (Last night he actually stood for a few seconds completely on his own. Eek!) I got all his stuff put away then went to say bye to him and of course he decided to pull all the Mommy heartstrings by getting sad each time I tried to walk away. I wanted to just scoop him up and take him back home with me! I finally pulled myself away (I'm sure he just went back to happily playing once he saw it didn't work, little stinker) and went to say bye to Hayden who said "I wan go home." What? Why? Of course, as soon as he realized Miss Carmen would give him more cheese, he was happy to stay, but oh I wanted to just take them both.

All the way home I was so sad and thinking why I am I doing this? I don't need to be away from them today. I'm home and they can be with me. But, I am home because I need to rest and finally get better. If I would just stop and catch my breath once in awhile, I may not be feeling so miserable now. So, I am sad, but alone. Chances are I will go pick them early. They are just too cute to leave all day! Why should their teachers have all the fun!

btw- You'd better believe we will be playing some of that rap at home! Sure beats kids' music ALL the time.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Our latest

**actually written a couple days ago, but just got around to posting**

Hayden got glowing reports from school last week and was a total pill with my MIL today. He even came home with a bruised eye. Not quite sure what happened there, but he seems fine. He is very loud these days and we are constantly telling him to use a softer voice. He is also very bossy, especially to the cats - "Get out under table, kitty!!" "Get out Hayden's room, kitty!!" "No pitting (spitting) Yogan!!" It's hard to distinguish between Logan's cute raspberries and Hayden's obnoxious spitting. ::) Fortunately, despite all that he is so cute these days playing with trains and cars, inviting us to join in. I never knew how much I would enjoy this age. He makes up songs and requests books, insists on hugs AND kisses from everyone.

Logan is a cutie and I adore this age. He is now clapping, especially with the encouragement of Hayden. On his belly he pushes up, kinda gets to knees, but does a good job pushing himself backward, although he doesn't really motor around much yet. He is babbling and loves all different toys. Hayden has a Little People Racetrack that Logan thinks is a game of catch. Each time the car comes around Logan tries to grab it, infuriating Hayden. "No baby!!!" Hayden then resets it, gases it up, and they start again. It's very funny. Until this latest ear infection, I would say Logan was an excellent eater. Now, it is getting better again, but not fabulous. He loves cereal, likes fruits and veggies and HATES meat. Who's kid is this?! Once he can eat soft solids, we will make him some since I agree the jar stuff is nasty.

Hayden is the only well one in our house. Fillip has some weird infection in his elbow. It is swollen to the size of a baseball and the dermatologist he saw today said to see an orthopedist asap, which he is doing in the morning. Logan is recovering from he ear infection, and doesn't seem to be wheezing so we have cut down the meds, and I have strep throat. I came to a bit of a sad realization a little while ago. As truly miserable as I am, I'm a bit happy to be sick. I don't get "sick days" at home since I almost ALWAYS get up with the kids. Domestic obligations can be overwhelming to say the least. So, these last couple days I have been going back to bed and taking naps. Normally I regret any time away from the kids that isn't work or otherwise absolutely necessary. I take one or both everywhere, and rarely take time to relax on my own. Once a month I go to book club for a couple hours, but that is it. This is purely by choice, as I am often encouraged by dh to do otherwise, and lately to go on a trip, which is a whole other topic. Lately I had been so rundown, a bit resentful, and desperately needing some time. So, it isn't surprising a) that I have been so sick these last couple weeks with pink eye twice, an ongoing cold, and now strep and b) I am so happy to be out of work tomorrow with time to myself. I feel a bit guilty, not for giving up time I could have with the kids, but for the joy I am taking in that time.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I just want to cry. My days at work have become ridiculously stressful (see below memo). I'm on the go all the time, had to go to the Unhappiest Place on Earth at lunch (DMV), I've been sick for days, had to throw out all my makeup because I got pinkeye again, and now, the treat I looked forward to all day, my big red delicious looking strawberries-

are moldy.