Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Professional Administrative Assistants' Day

To all you working stiffs out there- Happy Day!! I hope your boss(es) did something great for you!

They can be taught!
Last year, my main (#1) boss called to apologize at the end of the day for forgetting all about it. He said he would make it up to me, he appreciated all my hard work, and would do something really nice. He then promptly forgot all about it. Had he just forgotten to begin with, I wouldn't have cared a bit. However, making a promise, then forgetting is never acceptable to me.

This year two of my other bosses (#4 & #5) approached me and invited me out to lunch. As nice as that is, I was so nervous. What could we possibly have to say to each other? It turned out quite nice and more relaxed than I expected. I truly tried to have topics of conversation other than my kids, but they just kept asking me about those munchkins. As we were leaving, my main boss apologized for not taking me to lunch. He was rushing out early to take care of details before his wife has a baby tomorrow. Ok Mr., you're excused- this time! Well, when I returned he was gone, but there was a nice card with an even nicer note and a check! That's more like it! The note really means the most since he actually put some thought into it. A little appreciation goes a loooooong way.

A fourth boss (#3 actually) has ignored the day completely. See the Memo in another post to get feel for this guy. He did call to speak with Boss #1, asking if he would be out tomorrow. Me- "No, his wife is having the baby tomorrow." Boss #3- "Yeah, I know. I was just wondering." Really? Do you really think he will be here while his wife gives birth? What a bozo! Bosses #2 and #6 haven't said anything, but they did just tranfer from NY last week, so hopefully they took very good care of their gal in that office.

All in all I feel good about the day. Having had no expectations whatsoever, it was a very nice day!


Cari said...

I just purchased a pack of cards for my husband for Nurses Day. Oh, thanks, he mummbled. I expect you to actually use them...and not leave them sitting on that pile you call your desk. He snickered, knowing that's where they'd end up if I didn't nag him.
Is it that hard for a man to thank someone!!!

mi said...

That's so funny. I figure I'm a professional nagger. It comes with the job. Did you send in the documents? Did you call so-and-so back? Please call your wife. You got her a gift, right?...and at home it is the same!