Thursday, April 06, 2006


I just want to cry. My days at work have become ridiculously stressful (see below memo). I'm on the go all the time, had to go to the Unhappiest Place on Earth at lunch (DMV), I've been sick for days, had to throw out all my makeup because I got pinkeye again, and now, the treat I looked forward to all day, my big red delicious looking strawberries-

are moldy.


cg said...

OI vey my friend - sending you some fresh strawberries. Hope the pink eye disappear soon and that your boss gets an attitude transplant. Hang in there

Cari said...

Is there some conspiracy against the women of the world this week? I have talked to sooo many women who have just had a shitty week.

I hope your weekend is better...and you find some fresh strawberries.