Friday, April 28, 2006

The first number two!

Hayden pooped on the potty last night!

oh...for anyone reading who doesn't have kids and therefore a vested interest in the elimination habits of another human being, you may want to skip this one.

Two nights ago he wanted to sit on his potty sans diaper for the first time, at least the first time with me. Then he took the little seat to "mommy's potty" (at least something is mine around here) and sat there for the longest time. Now, when you are two years old, there is only so much to occupy you when you are sitting bare bottomed with your feet swinging in the air. You can talk to Mommy, comment on your cranky brother rolling around on the bathroom floor, keep threatening to unroll all the toilet paper, and play with your penis. So, that is what he did. He really wanted some toilet paper (which he calls paper towels) so I said if he went pee pee in the potty, he could use some. A few minutes later he allegedly did. Now, I can't confirm either way and he seems too honest for his own good (ie: to the sound of Logan screaming "Mommy, I pushed brother!"), so I told him Good Job! and gave him some paper. He thrives on praise and then wanted to stay up there to do it again. Since it was bedtime, he was doing an excellent job of stalling, something he has made into an art form lately, and I had to eventually drag him off and force his jammies onto him. As much as I want to encourage the potty, there is a point where we need to move on to something else. How do I find a balance without discouraging him?

Last night he said he wanted to sit on the potty again and by the time I got into the bathroom he had put his seat on the toilet and removed his diaper. Well, lo and behold, I think he was as surprised as I was when he pooped. Had I had the setup to pull a string to set off confetti and a fanfare in our bathroom, I would have! Of course, then he wanted to stay up there to do it again, and was not happy to get down and go put on jammies. We called Fillip and told him the good news, who dutifully praised Hayden as if he had won the Nobel Prize.

So, it looks like we are definitely moving onto potty training. We had no intention of even starting yet, feeling like Hayden wasn't near ready, but like everything else he is leading us. We still don't feel the need to worry about it too much, but he is welcome to go on the potty any time he wants. He sees the kids at school and I suspect that is what prompted this. My little guy is growing up so fast!

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Cari said...

Very funny post. Yeah Hayden!!!! My little Max has motioned to using the toilet...he's 21 months with no bathroom control. The first time I put him on the toilet, he actually did pee...and we cheered. Now he sits, does nothing...and still cheers for himself. We have quite a while before any real training begins. Cameron did it at 2 1/2...I'll be glad to get Max out of diapers, though.