Monday, April 10, 2006

Our latest

**actually written a couple days ago, but just got around to posting**

Hayden got glowing reports from school last week and was a total pill with my MIL today. He even came home with a bruised eye. Not quite sure what happened there, but he seems fine. He is very loud these days and we are constantly telling him to use a softer voice. He is also very bossy, especially to the cats - "Get out under table, kitty!!" "Get out Hayden's room, kitty!!" "No pitting (spitting) Yogan!!" It's hard to distinguish between Logan's cute raspberries and Hayden's obnoxious spitting. ::) Fortunately, despite all that he is so cute these days playing with trains and cars, inviting us to join in. I never knew how much I would enjoy this age. He makes up songs and requests books, insists on hugs AND kisses from everyone.

Logan is a cutie and I adore this age. He is now clapping, especially with the encouragement of Hayden. On his belly he pushes up, kinda gets to knees, but does a good job pushing himself backward, although he doesn't really motor around much yet. He is babbling and loves all different toys. Hayden has a Little People Racetrack that Logan thinks is a game of catch. Each time the car comes around Logan tries to grab it, infuriating Hayden. "No baby!!!" Hayden then resets it, gases it up, and they start again. It's very funny. Until this latest ear infection, I would say Logan was an excellent eater. Now, it is getting better again, but not fabulous. He loves cereal, likes fruits and veggies and HATES meat. Who's kid is this?! Once he can eat soft solids, we will make him some since I agree the jar stuff is nasty.

Hayden is the only well one in our house. Fillip has some weird infection in his elbow. It is swollen to the size of a baseball and the dermatologist he saw today said to see an orthopedist asap, which he is doing in the morning. Logan is recovering from he ear infection, and doesn't seem to be wheezing so we have cut down the meds, and I have strep throat. I came to a bit of a sad realization a little while ago. As truly miserable as I am, I'm a bit happy to be sick. I don't get "sick days" at home since I almost ALWAYS get up with the kids. Domestic obligations can be overwhelming to say the least. So, these last couple days I have been going back to bed and taking naps. Normally I regret any time away from the kids that isn't work or otherwise absolutely necessary. I take one or both everywhere, and rarely take time to relax on my own. Once a month I go to book club for a couple hours, but that is it. This is purely by choice, as I am often encouraged by dh to do otherwise, and lately to go on a trip, which is a whole other topic. Lately I had been so rundown, a bit resentful, and desperately needing some time. So, it isn't surprising a) that I have been so sick these last couple weeks with pink eye twice, an ongoing cold, and now strep and b) I am so happy to be out of work tomorrow with time to myself. I feel a bit guilty, not for giving up time I could have with the kids, but for the joy I am taking in that time.

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