Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Passover cont'd

Saturday we made the long journey for another seder at my mom's house. Despite a rough beginning, this was the most enjoyable of the bunch.

The first two hours of our ride were filled with alternate yelling by Fillip and Hayden. We tried to time the trip so that both boys would nap for most of the ride, but Hayden hadn't agreed to that plan. After two hours, we decided he was up for the duration and we may as well get lunch. Well, an entire hamburger patty and some french fried induced a very effective food coma in our little guy, who fell sound asleep still clutching his french fries. Phew! At one point, he started to stir, ate the french fries in his hand, licked his fingers, then passed back out, having never even opened his eyes. Fillip almost crashed the car from laughing so hard!

At my mom's Hayden was free to run once again, at least for a few minutes. Papa Arnie was greeted with "ride Papa's cart!" So, Papa Arnie immediately took Hayden for a ride in the golf cart. Nothing like a dose of grandparents to spoil a kid! I guess that's their privelege, and a fun part about being a kid. Both boys did really great. Hayden wowed the relatives with his piety. As soon as the candle lighting begins, he covers his eyes "Shabbat style" and says the blessing over the wine. He then gives a very solemn Amen, and looks around like we should all do the same. My little mensch. Very funny. My mom was kvelling. The seder is more like highlights of a seder and lasted about 30 mins. When it comes to drinking your four glasses of wine, you've got to really keep up! Fillip was having a good time in that arena and it was a fun time overall. Desserts were delicious (a nice change from the awful Passover desserts of my childhood) and I was very happy to be there. The drive home was long and very late, but worth it, I think.

We have a few more days of Passover, but things are pretty routine now except for the dietary restrictions. It is only 8 days, but I want a bagel so bad!!! The holiday is actually forcing me to eat a bit healthier since I don't like matzah. Instead of a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, I am having a yogurt and fruit. For lunch I get a salad (well, except yesterday when my salad was accompanied by a loaded baked potato.) Maybe I'll lose those last few pounds after all.

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