Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm pitiful

After two years, you would think I could handle the separation anxiety of dropping the kids off at daycare. I was soooo cocky about my delight in staying home sick. Oh yeah, I'm gonna have a grand ol' time! Yeah, well, have I mentioned my feeling that mommies don't get sick time? Dh happened to oversleep this morning, and with his infected elbow can't easily lift the kids so he couldn't take them in the shower (as agreed, or I would have bathed them last night) and now didn't have time to take them to school. So, of course, I get to. Hello! I'm home sick here!

Anyway, off we go to school. I drop Hayden in his classroom and say I will be back in a few mins to say goodbye. Logan's classroom is hopping with Old School rap, dancing babies and teachers, and all kinds of fun. (Gee, I wish I could remember what song it was, because it just struck me as so funny to see those babies bopping to that.) Apparantly Logan can stand by himself holding onto something, which I didn't even know! (Last night he actually stood for a few seconds completely on his own. Eek!) I got all his stuff put away then went to say bye to him and of course he decided to pull all the Mommy heartstrings by getting sad each time I tried to walk away. I wanted to just scoop him up and take him back home with me! I finally pulled myself away (I'm sure he just went back to happily playing once he saw it didn't work, little stinker) and went to say bye to Hayden who said "I wan go home." What? Why? Of course, as soon as he realized Miss Carmen would give him more cheese, he was happy to stay, but oh I wanted to just take them both.

All the way home I was so sad and thinking why I am I doing this? I don't need to be away from them today. I'm home and they can be with me. But, I am home because I need to rest and finally get better. If I would just stop and catch my breath once in awhile, I may not be feeling so miserable now. So, I am sad, but alone. Chances are I will go pick them early. They are just too cute to leave all day! Why should their teachers have all the fun!

btw- You'd better believe we will be playing some of that rap at home! Sure beats kids' music ALL the time.

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