Friday, March 31, 2006

Memo to my boss

TO: Boss #2 of 4 (soon to be #3 of 6)
FROM: Your dedicated assistant
RE: Office etiquette
FYI- That black thing I am holding to my ear is called a telephone. If I am holding it to my ear, that means I am talking with someone on the other end. If that is the case, go away!! I'm not available. Otherwise, please say "excuse me" so I can put that person on hold and find out what you need. If you are just curious as to what I am currently doing, well, I am talking on the phone! That is a big part of my job as I answer calls for all you who are just simply too busy to pick up that black thing by yourself. and yes, I do have personal calls too. Deal with it.

Also, I am more than happy to help you with any reasonable request. Being an assistant, that is the very description of my job- assisting. However, when I tell you that I am not authorized to move your 401K, take official fingerprints being not certified by the Dept of Justice, or am just too damn busy to make the same copies (again!) of expense reports from your former company, know that I mean no disprespect, but it's just not going to happen. Anything I am able to help you with, I can and do, including personal reservations, travel, newspaper clippings, getting your lunch, toasting your bagel, wiping your ass, etc...

Please don't hold me responsible for keeping track of receipts you hand me while I am being taken out by someone else for my birthday. Contrary to popular belief, I don't keep a file folder on me at all times and if you hand it to me on the way back from lunch, it will likely stay in the pocket of that coat, that ultimately I will leave at someone else's house for weeks on end. Maybe you could try just paying for your own lunch now and then, rather than meeting your buddy and always billing it to the company as a business meeting. Better yet, maybe you could buy my lunch as thanks for being your personal slave 5 days a week.

Just so I don't seem completely ungrateful to work for such a great guy as you-
Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the fact that you have let me know it is ok for me to take some time to enter the 100+ business cards into your Contact list that you have been collecting (while working for another company!) for the last 3 years. It is so considerate for you to mention that it doesn't need to be done in the next hour, and I may do it as I have time.

I know you will eventually realize that you are not the senior guy I support, a more senior guy is coming in, and 5 people besides you want my assistance- right now! Kindly respect our professional boundaries, my work ethic and personal integrity. I will get it done when I can, at my earliest convenience.

In conclusion- back off asshole. You're driving me crazy!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

One Enchanted Evening

Last night was nearly perfect. I had the luxury of coming straight home from work, rather than taking an extra hour to pick up the kids. Fillip picked them up and brought them home. Before they got home, I had 10 whole minutes all by myself. No, I'm not being sarcastic. That was really great! My boys got home and the chaos began. Fillip made a delicious dinner- bbq'd tritip, fried baby potatoes, and brussel sprouts. Really, that's about as yummy as it gets for me. Mmmm! Hayden sat in his booster seat for awhile while Logan and I sat in the nursery sorting clothes. I have been meaning to do that for so long, that many of his 3-6mo sized are already too small before they came out of the bin. He's probably ready for 6-9mo, but I'll get to that in a couple weeks. The newborn stuff has been re-binned and is ready to be squeezed into the garage, or better yet my IL's attic. Hayden finished his snack and came in to "help" me put away clothes. I find it so cute to watch him figure stuff out. I was instructing him which drawer to open, pull some stuff off the top to get it to fit, and put the extra in the next drawer down. All went fine until he bumped his head, then hysterics and happiness at getting to put a bag of frozen hashbrowns on the wound. (didn't happen to have any peas). Logan was happily playing through all this, grabbing folded jammies faster than I could fold them. Between him, and Hayden's haphazard putting away, I don't know that there is one folded garment in that armoire. Just can't get good help these days ;)

We sat down for dinner. Hayden was so tired, and was not the best eater. Logan didn't seem hungry either, but at least was content to sit with us in his highchair. I made up for both of them, devouring the delicious dinner my hubby had made. (I really love to eat!) Toward the end of dinner, I asked Hayden if he wanted to go for a walk and he said he did. Fillip got a sad look and said he had wanted to play with Hayden with all our train sets. Since it was nearly dark, I quickly set off for a brisk walk- again all by myself! I was only gone 12 mins, but it felt so good. What I didn't know until I returned was poor Hayden was heartbroken at not joining me. I thought he would have more fun with the trains, but he was crushed. I felt so bad to have offered, then let him down. He had cried the whole time I was gone and talked about wanting to go for a walk the rest of the night. I repeatedly apologized for hurting his feelings and said we would go for a walk another time. I'll try to do that tonight.

Fillip had filled up our living room with trains and it was like Grand Central Station in there. Logan was so happy to be in the middle of it all, babbling, waving his arms and kicking his feet. Any piece of track within his reach was fair game and he was pulling it apart faster than Fillip could put it together. Seeing a theme with this guy? Hayden was busy helping again, wanting to do it himself and taking pieces from Fillip. Between the activity of all three and the trains going round and round, and all the track and pieces, it was chaos. I whipped out the video camera and sat down to enjoy the show. It doesn't get any better than that for me with happy chaos and all of us together like that.

It didn't take long for tired Hayden to completely meltdown. This is the not-so-perfect part of the night. He just couldn't keep it together and sadly cried himself to sleep. I hate that as bedtime us usually a very easy, peaceful time. However, I recognize that sometimes I just can't help, and last night was one of those times. I gave him lots of hugs and kisses despite the tears and "No!s" I was getting for my efforts. Once he was asleep, I went in for another snuggle. What makes me really sad about those times is that Logan still needs my attention to get him to bed, so Hayden doesn't get the individual coddling I might otherwise have given. Fillip was out running errands, and Logan needed to be nursed. Those times make me feel so torn between a hungry sleepy infant and a sad, overtired toddler. There are worse things in life though, and we got through it .

After the kids were in bed, I spent a very productive 45 mins scaling Mt. Laundry. The clean clothes are nearly all put away, and I promptly fell asleep at the foot of the bed with a happy cat. Fillip set up a fishtank while I was folding, so it was nice productive time spent together. (By the time I collapsed, he was in the other room oblivious.) I woke and managed a shower and even some rare reading time. Couldn't tell you what I read, but I know I did.

As mundane as all this is, it really was a great evening. Time to play with the kids, time to get some productive housework done, a delicious homemade dinner, time with hubby and time to myself. Doesn't get much better than that!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My double life

I just have to say, I am more in love with those boys every day. I know it's cliche, blah blah blah, but everyday I get to know each of them that much better. They learn something new, or give me an extra smile and I am so grateful to be their Mommy. Maybe I'm just overly sappy, but they really are so sweet. Hayden now sits through stories- hallelujah! I love it. He points out the characters and what's happening in the book. Logan is just adorable and more personality comes out all the time. I love post-bathtime when he is rolling around on the floor naked. He has such a chunky butt and thighs and is so funny! Hayden likes to snuggle in my lap in his towel for a few mins before getting dressed, but Logan likes his airtime.

Well, I better get crackin'. We have two new guys coming in from NY and guess who gets to support them...yup, me! That brings me to 6, really an unheard of number in this office. I already spoke with my boss and made sure I can come to him if it is too much. Hopefully, since one is only two weeks in LA, the other in NY, his current asst will still take care of the majority of his stuff. We'll see how it goes. It's not like I have anything else going on, right?

Friday, March 24, 2006


So, anyone who reads this likey already knows that I am obsessed by my chat board. Apparantly my office caught on because it is now a restricted site! Aaah! Now what I am supposed to do when I am on mind-numbing hold for hours just to set up someone else's mobile phone? How can I keep in touch when I haven't a spare moment at home. Now that I can't keep up at work, I will be forced to be more than efficient, making my co-workers look bad, creating interpersonal stress and low morale. It is the demise of work as I know it. Well, at least I can come here!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The spice of life

We seem to have a little southpaw. I'm left handed, and never considered that it would make me so happy for him to be too. I'll take a side of the ego-centrism please!

This weekend we me and the boys went to my Mom's house and the Children's Discovery Museum. Since we had hardly slept the night before (at my mom's house and the boys kept waking each other all night) Hayden was far from his most charming self, and a bit of a pill most of the time. He did have fun running around though.The Children's Discovery Museum is full of interactive exhibits and it was a really neat place. Hayden loved the electric, stringless harp, and the floor piano. I had Logan in the Baby Bjorn and Hayden kept running around across the piano calling "C'mon Mommy!" Well, who could resist an invitation like that so Logan and I were bouncing across it too. I don't know who had the most fun- running Hayden, bouncing giggling Logan, or my Mom who was doubled over laughing at the whole scene. I for one was exhausted! by the time we left, Hayden had goopy drippy eyes. I thought he had pink eye, but it cleared up on its own, thank goodness!

I have worried that to Hayden, Grandma means my MIL, not my Mom, but I think now he now gets it. Arnie took Hayden for rides in his golf cart and they all had such a great time. I even took a 2 hour nap Sat while they took care of the kids. What a luxury! Hayden woke during my nap in his shirt and diaper. I sent him to mom w/ his arms full of shoes and pants. He looked so cute, and a bit pitiful being sent off like that. Mom thought it was adorable, and he had a great time with them. The ride home was long (2 1/2 hrs) and with Hayden whining and Logan intermittantly crying the last 45 mins, we were so glad to be home. The boys were thrilled to see Fillip and I think the weekend away was good for us as we spent a nice quiet evening together after the kids were in bed.

Aside from the weekend, Logan has been consistently sleeping the night for over a week now. Yea!! I was worried that he would regress when we returned since he nursed both nights in the desert, but last Sunday and last night were fine. What a good boy! On Friday, the doc all but diagnosed asthma, and I am so bummed about it. I really didn't want my little guys to have to deal with that. So he is back on nebulizer treatments. He absolutely hates it and so do I. Fillip is much better at it, and last night Logan fell asleep during the treatment. It was very sweet.

With a bridal shower and mom's birthday on Saturday, I have two important cakes to make. Hayden "helped" me bake last night. which I just love. He really liked operating the mixer. Mom's cake is from scratch so there are a lot of things to add then alternate which means a lot of turning the mixer on and off. Logan started crying so I left Hayden on the stepstool w/ the mixer with repeated instruction not to touch it. He didn't, but I came back to find him "seasoning" Grandma's cake. So she is having a rich chocolate jellyroll cake w/ orange cream cheese frosting and a hint of basil. Mmmm....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sweets for the (not so) sweet

Well, yesterday I went to give out treats to Hayden's class for his birthday. Since the school requires everything you bring to be store bought, I got little icecream cups. It's amazing how big and area those things can cover when a 2 yr old drips it on the floor! Hayden seemed to enjoy himself, and especially the big Elmo balloon I brought. The kids think birthdays are great because they mean more treats! For dinner we went to Chili's. Logan sat in the booster seat w/ tray and seemed to enjoy himself. He plowed through the jar of carrots I had brought, but was content to play with the paper coasters and his spoon during dinner. Although I told the server about Hayden's birthday, we chose not to make a fuss since he was so tired and ready to go by the end of the meal. I had mysteriously ticked off dh as well (still don't know what the problem was) so we were all ready to go. It would have been fun to see Hayden's reaction to the restaurant celebration, but he certainly didn't need any more sweets.

We get a lot of attention when we go out to eat. People always want to know how close in age our boys are, and then "top us" by saying their kids, or someone they know are closer. Thanks for sharing. It's not that I mind strangers coming over to our table to chat (ok, well maybe a little bit sometimes), but we don't really need commentary. It feels chaotic enought trying to keep a toddler and an infant happy and contained w/o the added distraction of superficial chitchat. I know, I don't sound very friendly. I do act nice to these people, just feel a bit relieved when they move on.

The last couple days Hayden has reverted to being the Tantrum King. I don't know why this is. It could be teething, or nothing at all. We are really looking forward to the return of his sweet disposition. Hopefully, the cuddly boy I spent time with this morning is back.

Logan slept through the night! Well, if you consider nursing at 11:30pm, then getting back up at 12:15am, and sleeping until 5:15am the entire night (and I do!) then he did! If only I could have slept. I went to bed at 10pm, so his near midnight meal was really rather disruptive. Then, the f-ing cat decided to meow and warble all night up and down the hall. If that weren't enough, dh was snoring like a lumberjack and got totally pissed off when I tried to get him to roll over. "What do you keep yelling stop about? I'm laying here with my eyes wide open trying to figure out what you want." Well, if your eyes are wide open, why are you snoring so loud?! and... why didn't you just ask me what I want. Sheesh!! Anyway...needless to say, this sleep deprivation routine is getting old.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hayden's 2nd birthday

Well, today's is my Hayden's 2nd birthday. Already!! I am bringing icecream to his class this afternoon I have always looked forward to being a "room Mom" and doing the little birthday parties. Unfortunately, the school has a policy that only allows store-bought treats, nothing homemade. That's a bummer, but I am still looking forward to bringing little icecream cups. We will have dinner at home, and I will get him some berries as a treat for dessert. With all the recent sweets, that is a better choice, and one he just loves. He's had little fruit lately as we got him well from the stomach bug.

I can't believe how these two years have flown by. Two years and a day ago seems like another lifetime. As I reviewed his birth story this morning, I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed. It just brought back those first moments of wonderment, where I met my son for the first time. In an instant I became a mother and our lives are forever enriched. It's hard to believe there was a time when my first and last thoughts of the day (and most of them throughout the day) weren't about my kids. Hayden is such a sweet child, so active, precocious, and endeared to all who know him. He will invite us to come play with him with a "c'mon Mommy! c'mon Daddy!" He is great at playing independently as well. These days he is a little mimick whether it is just a certain way we are sitting, or the way we are vacuuming the floor. He is so earnest in copying us and I just find it to be such a compliment. He is so sweet to Logan, always taking him into consideration, and very protective of him. If he thinks we are bugging him he will yell "no, Mommy!! no Daddy!" He tells us when he is crying, brings him toys and wants to kiss him all the time.

Daily I look at Hayden and revel in how gorgeous he is. His beautiful dark hair, slightly olive complexion and large sparkly green eyes are enhanced by his easy smile. Our house is full of giggles and footsteps. Of course, he is two so we get our fair share of whining, tantrums and "No!!" but who's complaining! These days we often hear "Hayden do it!" as he discovers how very independent he can be. At school, he jumps right in, despite being the youngest in his class. I can see how quickly he is learning as he sings more songs to us, counts with ease and initiates more games. He loves books, much to my delight and my favorite time of the day is bedtime with books and singing. He wants Logan involved too, so we are a happy bunch sitting cuddled up on Hayden's bed each night.

As cliche as it is, I couldn't have imagined the depth of feeling I have for my little guys. As Hayden gets older I love him more and more for the person he is becoming. I hope to always make him feel cherished, and proud of who he is. I want to raise a compassionate, confident man, while holding onto this sweet child. I know his childhood will fly by in an instant just as babyhood did so I try to enjoy every day of this fleeting moment in time.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Party and lack of sleep- no, not the good 'ol college days!

**actually written Mon, March 6
Hayden is a very good sleeper at night. Bedtime consists of books and songs. He has been trying to drag it out more and more each night, but doesn't protest too much when I finally tell him no more, night night. It is my favorite time with him. He is so sweet reading and singing. Often, Logan joins us for this ritual, and Hayden seems to prefer his brother there, giving him a book to hold as well. Last night I finally got him singing on tape. He will belt out Itsy Bitsy Spider, but doesn't really know the words. So cute. He does pretty well w/ ABC's improvising the parts he doesn't know. Naptime has been more challenging. This weekend's score was Hayden 2, Mommy 0. On Saturday, I spent 4 1/2 hours trying to get him to nap. He came out for a little while, was such a pill, so I sent him back to his room. He stayed in there pretty quietly, giving me the opportunity to do what needed to be done. Logan napped very well that day, so it was a productive day. I just felt bad for not seeing him all afternoon.
Logan is a good napper, but still wakes once or twice at night. I am quite frustrated by this, but unwilling to ignore him and let him cry. I keep hoping he will make the adjustment himself since I know he doesn't need to eat at night and I keep rewarding him. Maybe next weekend I can convince dh to go to him to soothe him, without the reward of nursing.
Our weekend was dominated by preparing/throwing Hayden's birthday party. Hayden was very cute Sat. As I was vacuuming, he was mimicking me with his toy vacuum, very seriously into housework. He insisted on putting the real vacuum away himself, and did a darn good job fitting it into the closet. He frequently takes out the broom/mop/swiffer to clean the floors. Hopefully this tendency will last!
His party was nice and most everyone (except the feuding relatives) had a nice time. Hayden certainly did, which is what really matters. I love seeing that, and it is such a gratifying feeling to work so hard and he enjoys his party. He loved having snacks out that he could just take, and I found him on the patio stuffing his face w/ strawberries that were out. We served hamburgers, hotdogs, broccoli ramen salad, potato salad, and green salad. Yummy and easy. I totally forgot to prepare the hamburger fixin's so was scrambing, but had help, and everything worked out.

My aunt brought a little plastic slide set that my cousin has outgrown. The kids were like bees on a hive, all over it before it was completely assembled. Very cute! They also enjoyed the sidewalk chalk even though I forgot to put it out until later. No worries about 14 kids being bored. They all had fun. Hayden's face lit up when we sang Happy Birthday, and it was priceless. Hopefully, someone got a good pic of that. I forgot to bring out the video camera until the end. I shot while we opened presents. Hayden was uninterested in presents, so I got video of him on the slide. He did take interest in certain things later throughout the afternoon, which was cute. By the end of the party, he was exhausted, so we tried to put him down for a nap...and failed. He was a bit difficult last night, but not too awful. He was happy to play with new things and eat pizza while I watched the Oscars and demonstrated those toys.

Hayden is quite a chatterbox, listing names of people in his life, commenting on everything, and even using new phrases like "oh $h!t!" My current strategy is to ignore it and hope he loses interest, but in a couple days may have to be more proactive. I find it funny, even though I don't want it to continue. Another inappropriate Hayden-ism is "I want E E R!" Short for BEER which he heard us spell once, and has repeated ever since. We are NOT liquoring him up, I swear!
Logan is a little sweetheart. His personality is really coming out and it is adorable. He will interrupt nursing to give me an impish grin and a raspberry, then quickly latch back on like Gotcha! ;D He is so snuggly, and laps up attention. Fortunately, he also plays independently now, reaching for everything he can get. I love this age!