Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The spice of life

We seem to have a little southpaw. I'm left handed, and never considered that it would make me so happy for him to be too. I'll take a side of the ego-centrism please!

This weekend we me and the boys went to my Mom's house and the Children's Discovery Museum. Since we had hardly slept the night before (at my mom's house and the boys kept waking each other all night) Hayden was far from his most charming self, and a bit of a pill most of the time. He did have fun running around though.The Children's Discovery Museum is full of interactive exhibits and it was a really neat place. Hayden loved the electric, stringless harp, and the floor piano. I had Logan in the Baby Bjorn and Hayden kept running around across the piano calling "C'mon Mommy!" Well, who could resist an invitation like that so Logan and I were bouncing across it too. I don't know who had the most fun- running Hayden, bouncing giggling Logan, or my Mom who was doubled over laughing at the whole scene. I for one was exhausted! by the time we left, Hayden had goopy drippy eyes. I thought he had pink eye, but it cleared up on its own, thank goodness!

I have worried that to Hayden, Grandma means my MIL, not my Mom, but I think now he now gets it. Arnie took Hayden for rides in his golf cart and they all had such a great time. I even took a 2 hour nap Sat while they took care of the kids. What a luxury! Hayden woke during my nap in his shirt and diaper. I sent him to mom w/ his arms full of shoes and pants. He looked so cute, and a bit pitiful being sent off like that. Mom thought it was adorable, and he had a great time with them. The ride home was long (2 1/2 hrs) and with Hayden whining and Logan intermittantly crying the last 45 mins, we were so glad to be home. The boys were thrilled to see Fillip and I think the weekend away was good for us as we spent a nice quiet evening together after the kids were in bed.

Aside from the weekend, Logan has been consistently sleeping the night for over a week now. Yea!! I was worried that he would regress when we returned since he nursed both nights in the desert, but last Sunday and last night were fine. What a good boy! On Friday, the doc all but diagnosed asthma, and I am so bummed about it. I really didn't want my little guys to have to deal with that. So he is back on nebulizer treatments. He absolutely hates it and so do I. Fillip is much better at it, and last night Logan fell asleep during the treatment. It was very sweet.

With a bridal shower and mom's birthday on Saturday, I have two important cakes to make. Hayden "helped" me bake last night. which I just love. He really liked operating the mixer. Mom's cake is from scratch so there are a lot of things to add then alternate which means a lot of turning the mixer on and off. Logan started crying so I left Hayden on the stepstool w/ the mixer with repeated instruction not to touch it. He didn't, but I came back to find him "seasoning" Grandma's cake. So she is having a rich chocolate jellyroll cake w/ orange cream cheese frosting and a hint of basil. Mmmm....

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