Friday, March 24, 2006


So, anyone who reads this likey already knows that I am obsessed by my chat board. Apparantly my office caught on because it is now a restricted site! Aaah! Now what I am supposed to do when I am on mind-numbing hold for hours just to set up someone else's mobile phone? How can I keep in touch when I haven't a spare moment at home. Now that I can't keep up at work, I will be forced to be more than efficient, making my co-workers look bad, creating interpersonal stress and low morale. It is the demise of work as I know it. Well, at least I can come here!!


cg said...

Oh no!! This is a truly tragic turn of affairs. I know there are ways and means of loggin into forbidden sites by redirecting them, just not sure how...ugh hopefully you will still find time to visit the mom's site

Cari said...

OOOOOO, what chat board???

mi said...

Originally an Expecting in March 04 board through iParenting, but we have moved it to a private board. I love those ladies, and feel like they keep me company through my workday! I've tried to find another board for Logan's age, but never really "clicked." I find it so amazing and helpful to read/ share these experiences with other women from all walks of life. So much of what you write I find relateable as motherhood seems to be universal in so many ways. Now I have been making it a point to find 5 mins to check my board at home in the evenings. Not quite as good, but better than losing touch completely with a group who have shared in my life and of theirs for over two years now.