Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My double life

I just have to say, I am more in love with those boys every day. I know it's cliche, blah blah blah, but everyday I get to know each of them that much better. They learn something new, or give me an extra smile and I am so grateful to be their Mommy. Maybe I'm just overly sappy, but they really are so sweet. Hayden now sits through stories- hallelujah! I love it. He points out the characters and what's happening in the book. Logan is just adorable and more personality comes out all the time. I love post-bathtime when he is rolling around on the floor naked. He has such a chunky butt and thighs and is so funny! Hayden likes to snuggle in my lap in his towel for a few mins before getting dressed, but Logan likes his airtime.

Well, I better get crackin'. We have two new guys coming in from NY and guess who gets to support them...yup, me! That brings me to 6, really an unheard of number in this office. I already spoke with my boss and made sure I can come to him if it is too much. Hopefully, since one is only two weeks in LA, the other in NY, his current asst will still take care of the majority of his stuff. We'll see how it goes. It's not like I have anything else going on, right?

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