Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sweets for the (not so) sweet

Well, yesterday I went to give out treats to Hayden's class for his birthday. Since the school requires everything you bring to be store bought, I got little icecream cups. It's amazing how big and area those things can cover when a 2 yr old drips it on the floor! Hayden seemed to enjoy himself, and especially the big Elmo balloon I brought. The kids think birthdays are great because they mean more treats! For dinner we went to Chili's. Logan sat in the booster seat w/ tray and seemed to enjoy himself. He plowed through the jar of carrots I had brought, but was content to play with the paper coasters and his spoon during dinner. Although I told the server about Hayden's birthday, we chose not to make a fuss since he was so tired and ready to go by the end of the meal. I had mysteriously ticked off dh as well (still don't know what the problem was) so we were all ready to go. It would have been fun to see Hayden's reaction to the restaurant celebration, but he certainly didn't need any more sweets.

We get a lot of attention when we go out to eat. People always want to know how close in age our boys are, and then "top us" by saying their kids, or someone they know are closer. Thanks for sharing. It's not that I mind strangers coming over to our table to chat (ok, well maybe a little bit sometimes), but we don't really need commentary. It feels chaotic enought trying to keep a toddler and an infant happy and contained w/o the added distraction of superficial chitchat. I know, I don't sound very friendly. I do act nice to these people, just feel a bit relieved when they move on.

The last couple days Hayden has reverted to being the Tantrum King. I don't know why this is. It could be teething, or nothing at all. We are really looking forward to the return of his sweet disposition. Hopefully, the cuddly boy I spent time with this morning is back.

Logan slept through the night! Well, if you consider nursing at 11:30pm, then getting back up at 12:15am, and sleeping until 5:15am the entire night (and I do!) then he did! If only I could have slept. I went to bed at 10pm, so his near midnight meal was really rather disruptive. Then, the f-ing cat decided to meow and warble all night up and down the hall. If that weren't enough, dh was snoring like a lumberjack and got totally pissed off when I tried to get him to roll over. "What do you keep yelling stop about? I'm laying here with my eyes wide open trying to figure out what you want." Well, if your eyes are wide open, why are you snoring so loud?! and... why didn't you just ask me what I want. Sheesh!! Anyway...needless to say, this sleep deprivation routine is getting old.

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Cari said...

I totally feel for you. I would kill for an uninterrupted night's sleep and then the treat of sleeping in. That's what I told my husband that I wanted for my birthday (and a digital camera).

Hang in there!!!!