Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hayden's 2nd birthday

Well, today's is my Hayden's 2nd birthday. Already!! I am bringing icecream to his class this afternoon I have always looked forward to being a "room Mom" and doing the little birthday parties. Unfortunately, the school has a policy that only allows store-bought treats, nothing homemade. That's a bummer, but I am still looking forward to bringing little icecream cups. We will have dinner at home, and I will get him some berries as a treat for dessert. With all the recent sweets, that is a better choice, and one he just loves. He's had little fruit lately as we got him well from the stomach bug.

I can't believe how these two years have flown by. Two years and a day ago seems like another lifetime. As I reviewed his birth story this morning, I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed. It just brought back those first moments of wonderment, where I met my son for the first time. In an instant I became a mother and our lives are forever enriched. It's hard to believe there was a time when my first and last thoughts of the day (and most of them throughout the day) weren't about my kids. Hayden is such a sweet child, so active, precocious, and endeared to all who know him. He will invite us to come play with him with a "c'mon Mommy! c'mon Daddy!" He is great at playing independently as well. These days he is a little mimick whether it is just a certain way we are sitting, or the way we are vacuuming the floor. He is so earnest in copying us and I just find it to be such a compliment. He is so sweet to Logan, always taking him into consideration, and very protective of him. If he thinks we are bugging him he will yell "no, Mommy!! no Daddy!" He tells us when he is crying, brings him toys and wants to kiss him all the time.

Daily I look at Hayden and revel in how gorgeous he is. His beautiful dark hair, slightly olive complexion and large sparkly green eyes are enhanced by his easy smile. Our house is full of giggles and footsteps. Of course, he is two so we get our fair share of whining, tantrums and "No!!" but who's complaining! These days we often hear "Hayden do it!" as he discovers how very independent he can be. At school, he jumps right in, despite being the youngest in his class. I can see how quickly he is learning as he sings more songs to us, counts with ease and initiates more games. He loves books, much to my delight and my favorite time of the day is bedtime with books and singing. He wants Logan involved too, so we are a happy bunch sitting cuddled up on Hayden's bed each night.

As cliche as it is, I couldn't have imagined the depth of feeling I have for my little guys. As Hayden gets older I love him more and more for the person he is becoming. I hope to always make him feel cherished, and proud of who he is. I want to raise a compassionate, confident man, while holding onto this sweet child. I know his childhood will fly by in an instant just as babyhood did so I try to enjoy every day of this fleeting moment in time.

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