Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rose colored glasses? No, just pink eye

Hayden has pink eye....again.

I suspect the rest of us will get it.....again.

We went through this a few months ago. The kids each brought pink eye home from school- Hayden once, Logan twice, and I got double pink eye twice. I'll miss this new makeup I just bought after the last round.

My poor little guy looks truly awful with those goopy, glassy eyes. He also has a cold, which the doc thinks is caused by the same virus as the pink eye. Hayden doesn't believe in tissues, but instead likes to wipe his nose with the back of his hand, leaving a nice crusty streak across each cheek, complimenting the goo oozing from his red eyes. My handsome boy. When asked if it bothers him he always says no, so I am hoping that is true. The only complaint he has is with the eye drops. The first couple times Fillip gave them, he lay there placidly, unafraid, not objecting at all. I'm not sure whose that child was, as the boy currently residing in our house has decided that we are literally trying to put burning hot acid directly into his eyes. Therefore, he must fight us tooth and nail, screaming hysterically despite knowing it doesn't hurt, despite telling us he knows it makes his eyes feel better, despite repeatedly asking us for his eye medicine.

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Cari said...

Cameron likes to use the back of his hand and his whole arm to wipe his boogers!

And Max acts the same way as your little one when it comes to ear drops.

Hang in there!