Sunday, June 11, 2006

At my wit's end

Getting Hayden ready for bed, after a very trying weekend. He is challenging us on everything. He says no, ignores us completely, or throws himself down in a tantrum. Logan didn't want to go to bed either and had been screaming for sometime, despite Fillip repeatedly settling him down. I wanted Hayden to climb onto his changing table to get ready for bed, but he spotted a pair of jammies on a toy.

H- "What happened to the jammies?"
M- "Nothing happened to them."
H-"What happened to the jammies?"
M- "Nothing, they are just laying there."
H-"But, what happened?" Still not climbing onto the changing table.
M-"Hayden, nothing happened to them. They are fine."
H-"What happened to the jammies?"
M- Completely exacerbated at this point. "They flew there, Hayden. A dragon picked them up, flew them all the way around the world, through the sky, and dropped them here in your room, on that toy. That's what happened. Ok?!"
I feel relieved.
Maybe now he will climb onto the changing table and we can get things moving.




Cari said...

Too funny! What an imagination you have!

Your child lies on a changing table????

mi said...

Oh no, I never said he lies on it! I just asked him to climb onto it. Once there, he may at some point achieve a semi-reclining position while playing with the blinds, kicking down his box of wipes, wriggling and turning every which way. No, he doesn't lie down. Lying down on anything implies being still which is a very BAD thing. Once tired, being still runs the very high risk of sleep, which is worse than lying down. Sleep means missing out on the amazing things that happen in our house like washing dishes, sending email and cats going in and out.