Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bite this

The last two days in a row, Hayden's teacher has needed to have a talk with Fillip about his behaviour. Hayden's behaviour, not Fillip's. Fillip is a good boy. Hayden has been very aggressive lately, hitting, biting and pushing other kids. It is so frustrating, as nothing seems to be working to correct this. Our current plan is to be hard asses about timeout, yet give him daily one-on-one special time, hoping to give him the attention he is craving. From what I've seen, that is the root of this, but what do I know!

Logan is going through separation anxiety these days. Getting him to bed is so difficult, requiring much snuggling, patting, rocking, swinging, and swaddling. When I went to my friend's house earlier in the week, Fillip called to say the kids were asleep. Hayden went down fairly easily, but he had to mummify the baby. Hey, whatever works!

This parenting thing is like a big rollercoaster. Just when you hit a high point, you come cruising on down, not knowing what's around the bend.


Cari said...

My Max was pushing yesterday. It freaked me out. Usually so loving and hugging everyone, and today he repeatedly pushed a girl. This was something one of his friends did to him a few days ago, so I wonder how soon peer influence begins.

cg said...

Yip and the btdt gals tells me it just gets wilder as they grow older - so buckle up ladies, you are in for the ride of your lifes!!!HEHEHEHEHEHEHHE