Sunday, June 18, 2006

Inspired by a little boy in JHB

Yesterday I let the baby play in a baby pool, in just his diaper, on muddy grass. He had a muddy bum, dirt encrusted legs, and I think he likely ate a fair amount of grass. Dh didn't seem too happy. The baby was ecstatic.


cg said...

Yeah - no more fear of germs!! We will conquer the grasslands. I am so glad the little guy had some fun, and don't you mind the dirt, it comes of easily.

In Afrikaans we have saying that more or less translates into 'A dirty child is a healthy child'

mi said...

I'm actually not worried about the germs, but of him choking on plant matter or a rock. Although I like the kids to go to bed squeaky clean from a bath, I also love seeing them having fun and making a mess of themselves. I have so many pics of Hayden with cake batter all over him. A personal favorite was the day we gave him strawberries from a farmstand in the car. When we turned around to check him, he was red from his ears to his ankles.