Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Damn your state and your delicious Maui Caramacs!!

My co-worker is totally sabotaging my dietary efforts by bringing me an entire box of these chocolate coated caramel macadamia dream candies. Despite standard office etiquette, I did not put them generously on my desk for all to sample. No, they are stashed deep in my snack drawer, ready for me to slyly devour every day whenever my sweet tooth sneaks up on me.

Ok, of course I know she was just being nice by bringing me something from her vacation. And....I'll even admit that I requested she bring me these specifically.

But...I still won't forgive Hawaii for producing them or making them available to all the people who visit then return to mock me with their delicious chewy sweetness. If not those, then chocolate covered macadamia nuts, oven roasted macadamia nuts, they even make a variety pack of macadamia nuts. They are strategically placed in the office so as not to be missed on the way to the fax machine or water cooler. It's as if everyone who returns to the office after their Hawaii vacation is saying "Thanks for covering my desk while I was gone. Look how tan and relaxed I am. Now you will not only be pastey while, but fat!" How depressing.

Maybe some candy will help.

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cg said...

Yum!! I totally agree - chocolate covered nuts is not to be shared lightly (",)