Saturday, June 03, 2006

One hot momma

My next post was intended to be the rest of our vacation but....

Fuck it's hot! Yes, that is where my boy gets his language and I'll say it again. Fuck!

Our fucking airconditioner isn't working. We live in the fucking valley where it is literally as hot as the depths of hell. Dante, I feel your pain man. It is 10:15pm and it is 87 degrees F in here. All the doors and windows are open and we have fans going everywhere.

Hayden insisted I cover him before bed, but I got lucky that his pre-bedtime meltdown sapped the last of his energy and he fell asleep anyway. Logan however was awake until nearly 9:30pm, which is really late for him. He was screaming in his swing, then in his bed, then I laid down with him on the couch and he couldn't even keep that little head up. He tried crawling across the couch, but had to rest that heavy head every few inches. Finally I put him back in his crib, set up a fan, removed the bumper to let the air get through and patted him until he finally went down. This included mistakenly thinking he was asleep, and being told in not so uncertain terms by his wailing "no Mommy, I really need you near me right now. Keep patting and I will be quiet in an instant, but stop and I will scream bloody murder. It's up to you." Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat.... you get the idea.

AC guy is supposed to be here early tomorrow morning. I will do anything he wants to make it cooler in here. I'm pretty sure Fillip is on board.

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