Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shape of a Mother

This website was brought to my attention by a fellow Chat Board Member. Thank you Laurel! I stayed up looking at this way too late into the night. The women on here are all shapes and sizes, have had the whole range of experiences related to childbirth, and are all heart breakingly beautiful for it. Like most recent mothers, I lament what my body used to be. When I found out I was pregnant I was in the best shape I had ever been in. I had the arrogance and naivete to believe I could still exercise and stay in shape, despite being pregnant. Nothing was gonna stop me! Hah!!! Sure, I still believe I could have done all that, but I didn't. Not even close. Not surprisingly, two rapid pregnancies, three years, many excuses, and no exercise later, I am a soft, squishy girl. By most standards, I recognize that I am extremely lucky. I am a healthy weight, without taking extreme measures. My clothes (the few that even fit me) look fine on me. My stretch marks are minimal, and even the linea negra is not too obvious. Despite all that, I am still self concious about my appearance, and miss my previous "hot bod."

Looking at the women who have so bravely posted their pics and reading their stories has made me more appreciative of who I am. My body is in reasonable condition, my birth experiences were far from traumatic, and I have two perfect healthy boys. Aside from the cosmetic issues, so many of these women have been to hell and back. Who am I to complain? Even if birthing my sons resulted in two healthy boys and a third arm on me, I would still be lucky!

Take a look at the link if you are so inclined. You will read stories of wonderful mothers who have dedicated their heart, soul and their beautiful bodies to nurturing the next generation. I am in awe.

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