Friday, August 18, 2006

And I didn't even cry

Hayden finally has a lunchbox! We went to Target yesterday for the big event. I just love watching him pick out anything as he is so decisive. There were several to choose from ranging from cute animals to sports to characters. We eliminated them one by one. He would say "I like dat one" and bring it into the cart. Then I would introduce a new one, and he would pick between the two, saying "I don wan dat one" and putting it back on the shelf. In case he was simply wanting the newest one, I would reintroduce them in different combos to make sure we got the one he liked best. He was very consistent in his choices. Once he saw that some came with matching water bottles as well, it had to be one of those. I guess he saw the added value. Despite encouraging him to get the cute green dinosaur, the one with the built in baseball game, or the Spiderman lunch box, my boy picked what I like to call the gangsta lunchbox. It is gray with orange graffiti all over it.

Me- "Sweetie, look! This one has a racecar on it!"
Hayden-"No, I don like dat one."
Me-"What about this one? It has a water bottle, and Spiderman!"
Hayden-"No, I wan dis one."

It was literally the most hideous one there and far and away his favorite. Go figure. It's probably a good thing he picked my least favorite one. Maybe, unlike his mom, he will be the coolest kid in class. Well, even if he isn't, he won't be the least cool kid in class.

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