Thursday, August 17, 2006

Knowing too little too much

Poor Logan is sick. I got in after midnight from a work event last night to find him burning up. I didn't take his temp last night, just dosed him with Tylenol, but his temp was about 103F this morning. He went to school because when Fillip dropped off Hayden he was told it is fine if there are no symptoms since it could be teething. However, I wasn't surprised to get a call this afternoon saying Logan needs to come home. The fever was back up and he was cranky and wouldn't eat. His teachers know him well enough to worry when that little chowhound turns down a snack. Poor baby.

I've mentioned this before, but Hayden is obsessed with genitals. He is constantly confirming who does and does not have a penis. He will ask anyone around, and then confirms it with me again later. I keep telling myself this is perfectly natural....right? When he asks if I (or any other female) has one, I always just say no, girls don't have those. For the last couple months this has been sufficient. I should have known that wouldn't do for long. This morning I was going to the bathroom and Hayden asked the very perceptive question "Mommy, do you go pee pee from your butt?"


Cari said...

Consider Hayden advanced. Cameron asked me that when he was almost 5 years old!!!

I do hope Logan is feeling better. Max had a 102 fever the other day. My husband insisted I bring him to urgent care. By the time we got there, his temp was back to normal. I felt like an idiot. Hope Logan's temp lowers soon!!!!

Ann said...

Hayden is ahead of my 4 year old - Kate know who has a penis and who has a vagina. Thankfully, school got them going on it so I didn't have to squirm how to start it all. Now, we have too look at all our little play animals, which are obviously boy or girl - and tell the world.

My nephew is a year older than Andrew and can't keep his hands out of his pants (potty trained, no diaper) - it is an unbelievable sight. I can wait for that one.