Thursday, August 24, 2006

No more Mr. Gummy Bear

Logan cut his first tooth! It's not exactly a surprise given how swollen his gums have been, the amount of drool we are paddling our boats through right now, the recent fever, and of course, the last 11 1/2 months of having no teeth. The day before I could see those teeth just beneath the gums, but he failed the spoon test. Yesterday, he easily passed the spoon test, much to his delight. What is the spoon test you ask? When I told Grandma Mickey that Hayden had cut his first tooth, but it was hard to see, she said a simple spoon test would settle it. She takes a metal spoon and taps it on the baby's gums. If the tooth has come through, you hear a distinctive "clink." Hayden hated when we did this, clamping his lips together as if we were trying to feed him poison. Logan was absolutely delighted with this, letting me do it over and over, giggling wide mouthed every time. I did say we saw teeth, plural, below the gumline, so I expect that next one will emerge shortly. Although I am sad to see these milestones pass, indication the end of his babyhood, it is sweet to see him catching up to Hayden is small ways, knowing that in no time at all he will be running just as fast.

Hayden is full of new phrases these days. He is using the words because, actually, I guess, I think, and last night he said "Logan is driving me crazy!" In all fairness, Logan was continuously screaming at the top of his lungs, unable to deal with life while he was so overtired. Hayden tried to remedy the situation by repeatedly yelling back "NO SCREAMING LOGAN!! STOP SCREAMING! I DON'T LIKE IT!!! STOP SCREAMING!!!" The phrase "driving me crazy" was pretty mild for my feelings about that moment. Last night after dinner they were playing so well together. Logan now likes to be chased, initiating this by crawling nearby with an impish grin, then quickly turning around and pausing, looking back at us over is shoulder until we make a move toward him. Then he takes off as fast as he possibly can, crawling with all his might and giggling endlessly. When we almost get him, he collapses in giggles and rolls over so we can tickle him some more. Usually, on his way racing up the hall, I tickle his back like I am barely missing him in the chase. Hayden seems to think the end goal is to catch Logan, then pin him down with his whole body. Logan doesn't care either way as long as someone, anyone chases him. Together, they are hilarious, each one playing off the other. As fun as they are now, it should only get better.

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