Friday, August 25, 2006

It all adds up

Hayden is obsessed with garages, specifically opening and closing them. From the time he was first learning to talk, he would talk about the garage- ahwaj. One of my favorite Hayden stories was catching him with Logan when Logan was only a couple weeks old. I had put Logan on the couch while I ran upstairs for something. When I came back down, I found Logan staring intently at his big brother who was casually leaning on one elbow, looking Logan in the eye, and imparting this crucial bit of wisdom in a very serious voice- "Poooosh....ahwaaaj. Pooooosh.....ahwaaaj." Push the button in the garage.

Whenever we go anywhere, we hand Hayden the remote to open and close the garage. If we forget, he immediately gets hysterical in the backseat, crying "I want to push!" Sure, we could instill discipline and say life's tough, kid, but seriously it's not worth the drama. We just hand him the button. Before long, Logan will be interested and we will have to establish some sort of sharing criteria like Logan opens the garage and Hayden closes it. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. This morning, Fillip gave Hayden the remote as always. When the garage was closed, he took it back, and at Hayden's insistence handed him the 3-button remote to my IL's garage since they were on their way there. Hayden wanted both remotes and said "I want two buttons!" Fillip said that he already had 3 buttons on that remote. Hayden looked at the remote then asked for the other one saying, "I want four buttons!" He actually added 3 plus one and got four! In case you didn't already figure it out- My son is a freakin' genius! I was very impressed by this and as always, amazed by the incredible ability children have to learn.


Ann said...

Too funny - Kate has just discovered the garage opener (can we say girls versus boys). She is very proud of herself that she can open the garage door before going out to play.

On the sharing front - we have that problem at daycare - only so many handicap door openers and elevator buttons to push. Declan will get the short-end of the stick I am sure. We are just starting to fight on who gets to close the minivan door.

Cari said...

Your first commenter Ann mentioned exactly what I was going to mention...the elevator and handicap buttons. Sometimes Cameron is sweet as can be, encouraging Max to push these buttons. Other times he's the one throwing the 2 year old fit, even though he's 5, because he wants to do it! Ugh!