Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh for Pete's sake

Today just sucks.

My car runs a little rough in the morning, but I chalked it up to being cold. Well, this morning the Check Engine light went on. The online Owner's Manual was very reassuring that the light doesn't necessarily indicate anything serious, but I was quite frustrated by the presence of that light as I wound my way through the canyons. As I was contemplating my bad car karma I was shocked when all of a sudden- BAM! It is trash day on that road. As I came around a bend, a trash barrel was sticking out and my side mirror tagged it, shattering, mockingly bouncing in the wind the rest of the way to work. I nearly started bawling, not for my usual sentimental reasons, but for the sheer frustration of finally having a nice car that now needs to have the engine checked and a mirror replaced after just a few days. Fuck!

By the time I got to the office I had worked myself up pretty good, felt really stupid for the mirror (even though a couple people thought the homeowner or city should be responsible), and wanted to just go crawl back in bed. Then Fillip called. Logan woke having thrown up in his crib during the night. Fantastic. Given some details I will have the consideration to not describe here, Fillip determined it had happened several hours earlier. Our theory was that something he ate either didn't agree with him, or he gagged a bit in his sleep. We've seen it happen when he was awake, plus he had a late, heavy dinner, trying clam chowder for the first time. He was happy as can be this morning, so off to school he went. I was a bit concerned about this knowing a stomach bug is going around, but being already at my desk, had to defer to Fillip. Well, lo and behold, the school called me at lunchtime. I figured I knew what was coming. Well, almost. Hayden was throwing up.

My MIL was available to get Hayden, but doesn't have any carseats. For a variety of reasons, Fillip decided to pick up Hayden, and I would get Logan when I left work. Ok, all settled. Then Fillip called me a little while later to say my MIL would get Hayden after all. She now had Filllip's carseat. Why? Because Fillip had gotten a flat tire on the way there, so his mom had to come get him anyway. She would go get Hayden while Fillip went to get his tire fixed.

Indulge my little Pity Party here- Why are we so subject to random (albeit minor) misfortune?

As much as I'd like to think this is the end of it, I suspect it's only the beginning. These bugs tend to spread like wildfire, so I fully expect that neither boy is done with it. We still have the "2nd stage" to deal with which isn't much fun either, and either Fillip and/or myself I will likely get it. It should make for quite the weekend. On the way to pick up Logan I will be stopping at the store to get vomit provisions. If a random sinkhole doesn’t open up and swallow me on the way there.

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cg said...

Oh no Marlo, I think I should send you a shamrock or something for luck and protection against random sinkholes and related threats.

On a serious note, I really hope your boys recover quickly and that the adults do not join them!