Monday, November 20, 2006

My New Wheels!!

After nine years in the same car, I have finally gotten a new one! I am the proud owner of a new-to-me black 2003 Volvo C70 Wagon. Welcome to Mommyland in the fast lane! My previous car was a 1998 Chevy Malibu. For the last 8 years I have hated it with a passion that stemmed from a Difference of Opinion. I thought my ex-husband (rat bastard!) should pay it off as stated in our divorce settlement certified by the court, and he thought it more prudent to let it nearly get repo'd without informing me that he wasn't paying it. So, I spent years bitterly paying for that car until I paid it off, only to have it die dramatically a few months later. That is where the other Difference of Opinion comes in. I thought it should run, and it, clearly felt otherwise! Every six months the brakes would start squealing, then grinding, needing to be replaced with new pads as well as turned/new rotors. We replaced the engine at about 60,000 miles, only to have it die again last week. It had a cracked windshield (ok, that was kinda my fault, forgot to take the garage door remote from baby Hayden), the A/C didn't work and the driver's side window wouldn't open. It was so humiliating driving into my office parking garage each morning, peering through that windshield, having to open the door to scan my key card, then rattle to my parking space. At the end of the day, I would have to open the hood to put water in each day, always hoping nobody I know would be coming or going at the same time as me.

Last Friday was the last straw. I put water in before leaving work, but after just a couple miles the temperature started rising. I drive windy canyon roads with no convenient place to pull over and no cell phone reception. As the temperature gauge slowly climbed, steam began coming out of the hood first as little tendrils, and eventually billowing out with the distinctive pungent odor of antifreeze. As I neared the top of the hill (Mulholland for those of you playing at home), the red light on the temp gauge went on with a "Ding!" and the rattle became a roar. My thought- "Well, if I can get to the top, I can cruise on down." Sure enough. I coasted on down, making the quick hairpin that would bring me to Fillip's Grandparents' house, where my car was kind enough to shut itself off as I got to the curb.

So… after a very harried week with only one car, I was able to purchase my new sleek auto this weekend. Well, let me clarify. My Mom is a lifesaver and made it possible to buy this car this weekend, with no pressure for an early payoff, and not even the hint of guilt.


I was determined to get a stationwagon. We need the extra seating if we want to go anywhere as a family, with even one more person. There are several reasons I wanted neither an SUV nor a minivan, and it was a surprise to me that a used, quality, economical, 7+ passenger station wagon was so difficult to find. At each car lot we would state very clearly what I was looking for, saying I was not interested in an SUV or minivan, hoping to leave quickly if they didn't have it. Multiple sales people tried using the argument that "Nobody drives station wagons anymore, so you shouldn't either. Take a look at these SUV's and minivans." Compelling, huh? So, after inquiring at multiple lots, reading through likely 50 online ads, and an encounter with an extremely shady private internet dealer at the Tommy's Hamburger parking lot, we found The One.

This car is really great. It is black inside and out, a welcome change to the oh so exciting champagne/oatmeal combo (read: beige on beige) of the Malibu. The sound system sounds great. The leather seats are cushy. It has great power, and most importantly it handles those canyon roads like no other car I've had! Believe me, I pushed it and am not exaggerating when I say that I was giving a mental "whoo hoo!!" around many of those turns with a big grin on my face. I proudly pulled into the parking garage this morning, rolled down my window to scan my key card, then took my time parking in one spot, backing into another, then spending another 5 minutes primping in the vanity mirror, hoping someone, anyone would see me in my new ride!!


Cari said...

Congrats on your new car! Enjoy!

cg said...

I stalked your new car on the net and wow!! what a hottie.....Congratulations on rolling into work with hot wheels.

Ann said...

Love your new wheels - and darn you that nasty ex. Glad you can corner on a dime - the kiddos in the carseats will be impressed.

gmh71 said...

Jim just informed me that's the car I need to get. But I don't have a mom who can afford to get me a car like that. I am SO JEALOUS!!!! Maybe one day I too can have a Volvo station wagon. Send pics of it.