Monday, November 27, 2006

Over the weekend I had a blast...literally

Saturday night my girlfriend came over to gab. It was darn cold for L.A. (hey you Minnesotans- stop laughing! I was shivering!) so I decided to light a fire in the fireplace. Well, maybe these things are best left to my husband. I swear, I only turned the gas on a little way and I have no idea why the flue was closed, but did you know that a combo like that will actually create a fireball in the livingroom? No, I'm not exaggerating. (Mom, catch your breathe, I'm fine.) As I heard the thundering whoosh and felt a hot blast shoot past me, I was kind of stunned. I turned to my girlfriend, who looked equally stunned and said "Um, is my hair on fire?" According to her, a little plume of smoke drifted from my head and she said "Well, not anymore."( Mom, put down the phone- I'm really fine.) I turned down the gas some more and went to run my hand under cold water then assess the damage to my hair. It looked really weird, like I had been collecting cobwebs on the left side of my head only. After a good wash the smell and charred bits are almost gone. It doesn't even look very uneven. Fillip was at his friend's house and got a phone call requesting "air freshener and burn cream." His response was to have me get on the phone and asked me "Are you serious?" Yup. Dead serious. So, my hand is a bit red and sore, but after sleeping with ice on it all night, it is ok.

Consider that a PSA. You're welcome.


cg said...

F**k! I think you are BANNED from lighting any more fires, ever!

Ann said...

Sounds like something I would do - I torch my hair with the BBQ. Burnt hair does stink.

Glad all was well and really happy it isn't that cold in California that often.

Cari said...

Evidence as to why I would just prefer my husband to deal with such things. I don't even like turning on the gas stove...maybe that's my excuse for not cooking!!!!

Glad to hear you're feeling okay and no serious damage was done.