Monday, November 13, 2006

Our Fairy Tale

(This may be cheating. When we got engaged, I attempted to write a fairy tale describing how we met. I failed miserably, and this version is the wonderful version my Mom wrote. I just thought I'd like to have it on here.)

Long ago, in a land far far away (known as Northridge) lived a Jewish prince called Lord Fillip. At the same time, in a distant land known as Simi, a beautiful Jewish princess was growing up. She was called Lady Marlo (also known as Mop). Although the prince and the princess had not met, the both were a part of a royal assembly called USY.

During the 14th year of the prince and princess, they both were summoned to attend a meeting of the royal assembly. The princess and her family made great preparation as this was her first royal synagogue ball and many young people from other lands would be in attendance. During the ball, a local prince invited Lady Marlo to dance and while they were dancing, he introduced her to Lord Fillip. Princess Marlo thought he was very handsome in his toga although she did not understand his native garment. She wished to dance with him but, alas, he danced away and her fairy godmother was not there to help. Some months later, the prince and princess were summoned to an even larger royal assembly. This time the fairy godmother spelled them into the same discussion forum. The princess was enchanted with the prince. His eyes twinkled, his braces sparkled, his charm was abundant and Lady Marlo was dazzled. She tried to remember her royal bearing but the prince was also smitten. They attended the royal ball together and shared much time during the assembly. When it was time to return to their lands, the prince sent a message asking the princess to become his royal interest.

Although the promise did not last, Lord Fillip and Lady Marlo became mighty friends, a union that lasted for many years. He knew every jester she dated and she knew every frog that he kissed. Alas, during those years, the princess met an evil sorcerer who took her away to his land. After 5 years, the princess escaped and returned to her royal home of Simi Valley. The news of her return travelled throughout the kingdom and reached the prince. He travelled home on vacation, called the princess and they arranged to meet that very day. She arrived at his castle, crossed the moat to his door and, forsooth, their eyes met in the same old enchantment. This time they would stand together and face the dragons and fantasies of life. Over the next 3 years, they would travel together and protect each other. The road was long and sometimes dangerous but together they passed safely. One fine day, Lord Fillip asked Lady Marlo for her hand in marriage and they vowed to share all that was in their kingdom and allow no other to interfere. In a royal wedding, amid all the members of the kingdom and with great celebration and reveling, they were married and lived happily ever after.


Ann said...

I can almost hear your mom's voice as she tells this story. It is cute little story - I am happy you escaped the wicked guy.

BTW, I still look at our pictures from PSP. I love the picture of the older pair munching on the goldfish. It was fun meeting you.

mi said...

Escaping the evil sorcerer is a very good thing.

It was really great to meet you and I am hopeful we'll get the chance to meet up again. We have a family reunion in 2008. I don't have that pic you mentioned, although I do remember seeing it. Could you email it to me?

Tami said...

I love this story!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Grandma Roz!!!!!!!!!!