Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Halloween was a fun-filled day for the boys. Hayden dressed up as muscle bound Spider Man and Logan was a Ninja. They were so cute and both loved wearing their costmes, head gear and all. They got to wear or bring their costumes to school for a Costume Parade and Carnival. Hayden insisted on wearing his pajamas under his outfit, and was probably the most comfortable kid there. Logan brought his outfit to be put on later in the day. When I arrived at the school, Logan was all dressed up, with his hood, snacking away. He was covered in something that looked like a combination of cookies and candy. Probably was. He was the stickiest, happiest Ninja you ever saw. Hayden was inside when I got there, but came out with a giant sucker and a big grin. There were treats set out so the kids could just help themselves. I joked with the Director that they were going to get the kids all sugared up, then send them home to us. She said absolutely! Hayden kindly shared his sucker with Logan, but drew the line at sharing with his friends. Good call. We played for a few minutes then headed home.

At home we hung out for awhile waiting for Marlena and Aaron. The kids were bouncing off the walls! They were so excited, and on such a sugar high. Once Marlena and Aaron arrived, the kids showed off their costumes, and Marlena outfitted them with a ghost bucket and a Frankenstein bag. They each had something to collect candy in. Logan loves carrying a bag on his shoulder so this was perfect! Marlena and I hit the streets with the kids. Fillip and Aaron took responsibility for ordering dinner, having a few beers, and greeting trick-or-treaters. We got exactly ZERO trick-or-treaters.

This was our first year trick-or-treating, and although I explained it to Hayden, there is a learning curve. It didn't take long though before he was handling it like a seasoned 10 year old with years of begging under his superhero belt. At the first house, we coached him to knock and call "Trick or Treat!" when the lady opened the door. Logan only had to be told to follow his brother and stood there expectantly while Hayden took care of things. The lady was appropriately delighted by our little munchkins, generously handed out candy, then spent a moment trying to keep them out of her house. We scooped them up and explained we don't go in and to say thank you, then moved on to the next house. Well, Logan was not happy about leaving that nice old lady who had just given him candy! It only took a couple houses though before he would toddle after Hayden, bag on his shoulder, wait patiently for the door to open, then hold out his hand for the candy. He would say "tat da" which means thank you, put the candy in his bag, then go right back to the stroller, ready to hit the next house. The two of them were so cute. Hayden would often ask if he could ask more. Despite us telling him we would get plenty and save some for the next people, the neighbors always indulged his request, which meant he asked for more many times! At one house, nobody answered his knock. He knocked louder yelling "knock!knock!" Finally, he just started yelling "Answer the door!" We had to convince him that they were out trick-or-treating, so we should move on.

There were surprisingly few people out, but the neighbors were all so happy to see the kids. It occurred to me that another purpose is served here. The kids love getting out and getting a big stash of candy, but we had the opportunity to meet our neighbors. I think in a way it brings the community together. We had such a great time with the boys. As we were at our last house, our next door neighbor, Fillip called to say dinner had arrived. We brought our sugar babies home and got some "real" food into them- pizza and pasta. They ate tons, got crazy hyper on a couple pieces of candy, then crashed and burned in a blaze of Halloween glory. I've never had more fun on Halloween.

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