Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In my day we would have just said Ox.

Hayden seems to be pretty articulate. He picks up various words and phrases and uses them in context when we least expect it. Last night he chattered on and on about which cars need to be fixed, what about them needs to be fixed and who will do it. "Daddy needs to fix the motor in the brown car, but the green car has a broken wheel and needs to be taken to the shopping." Ok, so sometimes it gets a little mixed up, but you get the idea. Last night he started a sentence with "The fact of the matter is..." and he was right.

My favorite time of the day is bedtime stories with Hayden. He picks which book he wants to hear, then snuggles up on his bed with me and his stuffed froggy. He is pretty consistent in picking the same five books or so and is very familiar with each one. Last night he totally floored me by reciting nearly the entire book on his own. It was an alphabet book that has a verse for each letter. Even better is the fact that he can look at a page with the entire alphabet on it and identify most of the letters by sight. I then quiz him on what starts with that particular letter. It's fun to see what he comes up with and how he identifies things.

Me- "Hayden, what starts with H?"
Hayden- "I do!"
Me- "That's right! Hayden, what starts with D?"
Hayden- "Daddy starts with D!"
Me- "Very good! Hayden, what starts with O?"
Me- stunned silence

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