Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

"Conan, stop bitching!"
Um, what did you say Hayden?
"Kitty is bitching!"
Yea, Hayden doesn't like when the cat is bitching.

Another choice phrase is "oh shit!" He uses it quite appropriately, if a two year old saying shit has any way of being appropriate, muttering under his breath when his book falls to the floor or the legos don't quite go together. He also modifies it from time to time. A recent whopper "oh fuck oh shit."

Hmmm...maybe we need to watch our language around here. He's supposed to be potty trained, not a potty mouth! He hears it all over as I'm not exactly perfect about it, my MIL uses that one frequently, and dh's language is atrocious. Our strategy had been to just ignore it thinking if it doesn't get him attention, he'll lose interest in these new and interesting phrases. Live and learn. Now what?

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cg said...

heheee another one bites the dust....E says fuck iiit with an irritated growl - sometimes under his breath others very loud. He definately knows when to use it as well. We are following the same strategy - ignore and hope it will pass. Your holiday sounds amazing!!! is your photos in a format that you could share? A dream of phil and me is to drive up the Californian coast one day - maybe in harleys.......