Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Logan is on the go!

Logan is now crawling! Well, sorta. Sometimes he does make crawling motions, but must of the time his locomotion style is wild. He will start out on hands and knees then straighten his arms. I thing he is "telescoping" because he raises his head looking out over the room. If he spots me, he smiles and giggles, they coyly looks down. Once he has spotted his target, he straightens his legs so he is on straight arms and legs looking around. Next, his head just drops, and then his chest and his feet push him forward. After gaining a few inches that head swings back up again to check his progress. Sometimes he does all this rapidly and it is wild to see. On the flooring he gets frustrated because he can't always get traction, and he really doesn't like shorts because his little knees get irritated. He will play independently for extended periods now, and is just growing up so fast!


cg said...

Yeah to Logan !!and weldone on Hayden pooing in his potty! Oi time just passes too quickly and before you know it your little ones are both in Big school...wish I could make you some tea and help you rest up a bit. good on you for organising a cleaning lady, if that will take the pressure of your marriage it is the best way to spend any money!!

mi said...

The cleaning lady idea did not get approved. :< It is going to be resubmitted, and I may make the executive decision on that one!