Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Fuck! Last night I was dog-tired. It was my first day back at work, my foot was giant and killing me, and my girlfriends came over for dinner. No, I didn't need to entertain. They made dinner, helped me with the kids, and let Fillip go out for a much needed break, but I was still up more than I should have been. So, by the time I went to draw my bath I really needed to lie down and sleep. I turned on the tub then went to quickly (or so I thought) check my email. Oh, the clever responses I sent out! Oh, yea, I'm soooo witty! So witty in fact that when it occurred to me a few minutes later to check the tub, the water had flowed over the sides, all over the bathroom, and was headed into the hall. Clever girl, my ass.

So there I was late last night, husband out as suggested, trying to mop up the floor with the last two clean towels, on crutches. Pitiful. I did take my bath anyway. As long as it was already a hazard, I may as well get clean.


Cari said...

Oh my! That totally sucks! I do hope you have a better night tonight.

mi said...

Yea, last night was better. I took my bath before I got too tired to think. I got clean, without flooding the house. That's pretty much all I need to call the evening a success these days!

cg said...

Oh my Mi - I know this was not funny, but you had me giggling away at the image of you mopping flooded house with crutches and no help...hope this week is way better