Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We just aren't chicken nugget people

At 19 months, Logan seems to have reached peak cuteness. I know I keep saying that about each of them, but each age brings it's own challenges and charm. As challenging as Logan can be, he is unbelievably charming every day. Sometimes Hayden is his best straight man.

Last night I made a dinner that most wouldn't consider to be so kid-friendly. Mind you, I did make mac n' cheese as a backup, but didn't let the kids know about that. I prefer to let them think they have no options other than eat what I made or go to bed hungry. They have yet to go to bed hungry. However, since Hayden has professed to dislike both asparagus and shrimp, I figured the shrimp and asparagus pasta might be asking too much. As always, he surprised me, tasted everything, and decided he likes shrimp after all. Logan previously demonstrated that shrimp are better than life itself, demanding "mo!" again and again. He is a purist and likes them unadulterated by any type of breading. He will methodically peel off any breading to get to the delicious delicacy within. This has greatly amused my friends on more than one occasion. Obviously, the secret mac n' cheese was not intended for this little guy. In addition to the shrimp and asparagus pasta we also had king crab legs. Mmmm! Both kids gladly tried this new pink and interesting food. Hayden gave it good reviews, gladly having more. Logan demanded we keep it coming without delay. We couldn't crack it fast enough, and didn't even realize we were each giving it to him, still not keeping up. Now, I can see a baby going wild over candy, icecream or even some sweet fruit. I had not anticipated that shellfish would get him going. At one point, Fillip thought he wanted more shrimp and popped a piece into his mouth. It took us a minute to realize that the spontaneous sobs and fat rolling tears were his disappointment that this bite was not crab. Ok, sheesh!!

Toward the end of dinner, Hayden let out a huge belch. Since we have two little boys, it isn't surprising that this induced fits of giggles on both sides of the table. And, whatever one boy thinks is funny will be sure to amuse the other, making their giggles self perpetuating. Fillip and I both sat there trying to keep a straight face and asking Hayden "what do you say?" We are big on please, thank you and excuse me. As we sat there being total hard asses, serious as we could be over this breach in decorum, Logan looks at Hayden with as much attitude as any hormonal adolescent would muster and says " 'scuse you!"

So much for decorum.


Undomestic said...

I remember telling Cameron one time that he should not burp at the table.

His response, "Can I burp UNDER the table?"

How could I not laugh?

JY said...

For some reason my hubby and I are hooked on Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel where they catch King Crab and other high dollar seafood. Is it really that good? We need to try some I guess.

Can I send my boys to the MI school of table manners?

Ann said...

Gosh - do you feel like feeding me too! Yum.

mi said...

Yeah, I would totally laugh too. We try to be such "mature" parents, but these kids are too funny for that. Thank goodness for that.

JY- We've watched Deadliest Catch. It really makes you appreciate what we can put on the table without risking our lives! We love shellfish and I highly recommend it. I suspect your boys' have lovely table manners. In fact, I know so. But feel free to bring them on by anyway!

Ann- You are welcome over anytime!!

Jen H. said...

OK, now I'm hungry. I wish Andrew would be more adventurous. I gave him lobster when he was about 18 months, and he loved it. Now? Forget it.