Monday, April 16, 2007

Sometimes the smallest victories are the greatest.

Sometimes "people" can be grumpy. Often for no particular reason, at least that the rest of us can figure out. Yesterday, was one of those days. Fillip just seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed...all day.

After several weeks of being non-stop busy, we wanted to do something fun with the kids, so went over to Travel Town where both boys were absolutely delighted by the trains. The weather was nice enough, Hayden got "green soda" (7-Up) and Logan was insistent on that bag of Ruffles chips way up there. He was absolutely determined to run back to the hot dog cart vendor to get those chips, not that he's ever seen them in our house. We took a ride on the train where the kids alternately yelled "All aboooaarrd!!" and "Choo chooo!" around the entire park. Logan's eyes were the size of saucers the whole time as he exclaimed in wonder.

Prior to leaving, we had insisted on naptime. Logan goes down like he is relieved to finally get a break from his rough schedule, and Hayden acts as if we are telling him to spend an hour in a pot of acid. Fillip finally got Hayden to sleep, but for various reasons that sleep was brief. I was slightly concerned that he would melt down early, but both boys were great. On the way home, Fillip wasn't quite a ray of sunshine. I was trying to just ignore it and not make a scene in front of the kids, trying to quietly deflect the tension. All of a sudden, Hayden pipes up from the backseat "Daddy, maybe you need a nap."



Undomestic said...

Have you heard the Sandra Boynton's CD _Dog Train_? Weird Al Yankovic and Kate Winslet do a duet entitled, "I Need a Nap." I hear it through my head all day long. It's actually a fun, and no so annoying kid's CD.

JY said...

Oh my husband can be soooooo cranky too! And then sometimes he really surprises me and has the patience of a saint. You just never know with him!

Nothing gets lost on these kiddos though does it?

mi said...

We love Sandra Boynton and will have to check that out!

No, the kids don't miss a beat, and sometimes make a point so much better than I would.