Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lollipop Kids, Generation 3

From left to right: Logan, Sami and Hayden
The joys of photoshop!

Ok, so it's been awhile.
Work is busy, blah blah blah
Home is busy, blah blah blah
Still house hunting, yada yada yada

Like being busy is in any way unique. I do understand it's not, but that doesn't make me any less exhausted.

Logan is now in the Big Shoe Phase. He excitedly identifies whose shoes he sees "Shoosh mamas!" then quickly rips off his own and puts on the bigger ones he finds. Last night he was clomping around in a pair of medium heeled slides. It was so hilarious to watch as a very determined Logan made his way down the hall from our bedroom, holding onto the wall for balance simply to show Daddy the wonderful "Shoosh!" he had found. He was in a t-shirt and shorts with those little Munchkin legs coming up out of the shoes and those tiny sock clad feet taking up maybe a tenth of the shoe. If I were to stand my shoe on end, it would probably be taller than his knees since he is so little (and, let's face it, I've got really big feet.) Fillip looked up to a beaming face full of pride and chutzpah. Five minutes later, he looked up to the same expression behind a pair of sunglasses. Who says only girls play dress up?

Hayden is a Big kid now. He will tell you this any chance he gets. Nevermind that physically, he is also a tiny Munchkin. He wants to be a Big Eater, a Big Boy, and in no way Little. Logan is little, not Hayden. Hayden is big like Mommy and Daddy. Not a baby. Not a kid. Big. Got it? He is a very fun kid with so much personality. He was very good over Passover and had lots of fun visiting with various family groups and did a good job making Grandma kvell when he recited the Hebrew blessing over the wine. Such a little mensch. All signs of toddlerhood have disappeared and every day I am amazed at how swiftly that passed.

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