Monday, February 27, 2006

Pectin- a heated debate

We had a busy, but productive weekend. The house is about 85% unpacked/setup which feels really good. Hayden's party is next weekend, so we at least feel like the place is presentable. Healthwise, things seem to be improving, although I don't want to jinx it. Hayden still has diarrhea a couple times a day, but nothing too horrible. The doc recommended keeping him off dairy and juice for a couple weeks since his tummy is so sensitive. Yes, even apple juice is out. My MIL had a discussion with the doc about this. It comes down to the fact that apple juice, unlike apple sauce, does not have pectin in it. The pectin is in the skin, which isn't used in juice. So, that settles that. The doc also recommended a supplement to renew the enzymes in there. He gets a couple pinches a day in his food. So, we are giving him soy milk and I have a confession to make. We put chocolate syrup (just a drop) because he was so spoiled by getting "juice" (pedialyte) all the time that I now need to entice him to drink his milk. I figure the benefits of drinking the choc milk out weigh the detriment of that little drop. So, theoretically he should be on the mend. He did get his color back yesterday and does seem better. He's not 100%, but on his way.

Logan was given a clean bill of health. There was some fluid behind his ear, but not an infection. He does now seem to have a cold complete w/ cough and wheeze, but seems ok. He's full of personality and just cracks us up now. He's at a very grabby stage and wants everything. So funny to me. Yesterday I was getting his cereal ready for him. He got so excited when he saw it that he was grunting and shaking! We really do feed that kid, I swear.

Hayden is now into singing songs and I love it. We hear him by himself singing ABC's and he gets most of the letters. I really want to videotape it before he knows it all. He requests the Itsy Bitsy "Pider" and a few others. It's such a sweet age, and everyday I am aware of how lucky I am. I told dh that my gf's and I were joking (well, sorta) about all getting pg a year from August. I thought he'd freak out, but all he said was it would be fine if we are more financially stable. Fair enough! I waffle everyday about #3, but suspect I will go for it. I truly love having babies, pregnancy, and birthing. My little guys just bring so much joy, that I imagine another one could only be better. Sometimes I am overwhelmed, and then think two is enough. For now I will enjoy them and the possibility of doing it again.


Cari said...

Being pregnant and having babies at the same time with girlfriends seems like so much fun! What will be the age span between #2 and #3 then?

mi said...

It was so much fun sharing that time with my friends. Even better, we all have kids the same age who play together. It's one thing I missed out on w/ Logan. One friend was due at the same time, but we aren't close.

If we start TTC #3 successfully in Aug 07, he/she would be a little shy of 2 yrs younger. So they would be 3yrs 3 mos, 1 yr 9 mths, newborn...hmmm, not too bad. We'll see!