Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kids still sick

H threw up again last night! He has been battling this stomach flu for about 3 weeks now. My poor little guy. We are so frustrated since he had to stay home from preschool again. Fortunately Grandma was able to take care of him so F could go to work. MIL brought up a good point that maybe having milk at school is setting him off, since this is happening every Wednesday. Could be.

When I found him sleeping in that again, I just couldn't believe it. So I woke him for a bath- again. F changed his sheets- again. He is staying out of school- again. We keep having to pay for school, and he can't even go.

L is so fussy as well, and I suspect he has an ear infection. He acted the same way the last time he had one- no overt symptoms, just fussy and crying. At school, they marked him as "sensitive." For some reason, that description amuses me. (They would check that box for me everyday!) Between the job commitments and lack of transportation, it is so difficult to keep getting him to the doctor. He also wakes all night to eat, leaving me with little energy during the day to cope with everything.

I feel so bad for my little guys. Hopefully, we can get them both well soon, and have them stay that way!!


Cari said...

You keep feeling bad for your little guys, and I'LL feel bad for you!

Hang in there. My mother's motto...This too will pass. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not. But something to remember.

Take Care.

mi said...

My mom uses that expression too, and it is often my mantra. Thanks for the support!