Friday, September 14, 2007

Rosh Hashanah

We had a nice holiday with the usual whirlwind of friends and family. This year had an added bonus- Synagogue babysitting! For the first time in years, I could sit and relax through a service, with Fillip. Usually one or both of us are so occupied with containing the kids or taking them outside, that I don't even crack open a prayer book. They boys were happy to go where the other kids were and jumped on in, despite being among people they have never met. The babysitters are the synagogue preschool teachers and were happily surprised by my kids' ability to have us just walk away. Today we went to a children's service first with music and singing. When it came time to march around outside, they lined right up, leaving me in the dust.

At the end of the day, the rabbi welcomes kids to come up to the front to see all that is taking place. Yesterday, Hayden was looking up and the rabbi welcomed him right onto the bima. Well, my little ham just loved that and was practically working the crowd! Logan was outside with Fillip and missed all the fun, but had his chance today. All the kids get to go up for the shofar blowing, then sit back down. Not Hayden, with the rabbi's blessing, he welcomed congregants up to open the ark and introduce prayers. Of course, he also made me look like a total schmuck. I was trying to get him to wear his kippah. He would put it on, then off, then hold it out to me, and even dangled it over the edge before just opening his fingers and letting drop all the way down. Then, I was trying to get him to come down while he would fake me out and run the other way. People all around me were snickering. I can only hope they were laughing and relating to when their own kids tortured them in public, rather than thinking that my son was totally out of control!! I finally snatched him back to our seats where he sat very nicely.

Logan was making friends with the lady next to me. He told her my name (which I didn't realize he knows), announced VERY loudly that Fillip is his Daddy, and nearly fell asleep at one point. Once he realized he had almost fallen asleep, he quickly bounced over to be restless near me. I tried to reason with him asking him to notice how nicely everyone was sitting in his seats to which he responded "not me!" Very astute, that one! Overall, they really did do well and I was so proud of them. Despite having a very different schedule and being asked to stay in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people, they really rose to the occasion.

My little menchalach

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