Monday, September 03, 2007

Logan's 2nd Birthday

My baby is two years old!!!!! Logan is such a sweetheart. He loves to help, can be very stubborn, talks up a storm and most people even understand him. He still has such delicious cheeks I want to eat him up, and blue eyes that will melt your heart. There is still a hint of baby left, but he is rapidly growing up.

Logan had quite the extended and happy birthday. As hot as it was, I think people enjoyed themselves. We put out some chips and dips, and served mac n cheese, hot dogs, and fruit salad (peaches, plums, blueberries, nectarines), and the cake. The boys were so excited to see the yard set up in the morning. My husband and I had been up until 2am finishing various things. Despite having so much to do to (mostly) finish the house, we really had it much more together when the guests arrived than we usually do. I had even showered, gotten dressed and put on makeup. This time I decided to do that early, and anything else could be delayed a few minutes. It turned out just fine, and the cleanup later was surprisingly easy. Logan LOVED his cake and all the water stuff. He really had a good time and was very excited all day. He ate a hot dog and tons of mac n cheese- his favorite stuff. Most of our friends and family were there and he was excited to see everyone. Despite the crazy heat, a lot of people stayed outside on the patio, even my very pregnant gf's. It's always great to have our friends over as they lend such a warmth to any gathering. Logan was absolutly delighted to have everyone sing to him. It was adorable to see that huge grin as he looked around at everyone. Despite the hard work and lack of sleep, my little sweetie was so happy. I'll do that again any day!

The boys wrestling with Daddy. The upside down one is the Birthday Boy. There was no way he was letting go of his new Big Fish!!

The Logan Express birthday cake. Gee, why is it I don't get any sleep? Oh yeah, this crazy mommy stays up all night decorating a cake! Seriously, Logan loved his cake. When I asked him what his favorite part about his party was he said "My cake choo choo twain." I love that kid!!

Blowing out the candles- got it on the first try!!

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Ann said...

That cake is awesome - happy birthday Logan!