Thursday, August 02, 2007

At least his hands match his bed.

We've made the big decision to switch the boys' school. We've seen a rapid decline not only in their curriculum, but in the actual care they are getting. Although I feel sad that they are leaving the place they know and love, I feel so bitter about the situation that I am really excited to have them in a completely new environment. The new school is a montessori where friends of ours send their daughter. It is much smaller and a non-profit organization. All the kids were engaged in different activities and the longer the teacher spoke with me, the more sure I was about this program. They even cook on Thursdays during the summer - Sold!

Just a few of the things that have been bothering us about their current school:

There are rats! Need I say more about this one?

A seeming lack of curriculum. We have no idea what they do all day, and the teachers who are there at pick up can't seem to tell us. The director didn't seem to know either.

Excessive teacher turnover - It seems that there is a new teacher every week. We don't know who each one is, and often mistake them for other parents.

Short staffing, resulting in even less programming.

They aren't given drinks with their afternoon snack. Last week Logan was asking for water as I came in. The kids were having crackers and he was thirsty. I spent a few minutes in each classroom gathering their things. When I returned, he was still asking for water. When I asked the teacher if he had been given any, she said no. After questioning Hayden tonight we realized they simply aren't given a drink with their afternoon snack! There are days when it is 100 degrees outside. I would think they should be given a drink while on the playground, and immediately upon coming inside.

Yesterday, Logan's diaper was so full, his shorts were wet. His face was also dirty. He deserves so much better than that.

And finally- this is minor in comparison to the last two issues, but this is how we found Hayden today. He said he had been "ice painting." See those red hands? The teachers couldn't tell us this, but when we called, the director said they had been painting with ice and food coloring! She didn't know that food coloring is dye.

Yea, we feel pretty good about changing schools.


Undomestic said...

I applaud your decision. I've worked at a school with very high teacher turnover. There's certainly a reason for that...and it's not a good one.

Ann said...

Wow - those are certainly pink hands. I think those are all valid reasons in themselves. I hope the new school is also a bit closer - mom also needs a break.