Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Logan is Walking!

Just hours after that last post, he decided it was time. My MIL brought him into the kitchen and he just took off toward me, walking halfway across the kitchen! I was so excited, and tried to get him to do it again and again. After a couple more times he was so over it. Now he will do it now and then throughout the day. Even Hayden is getting in on the action trying to get Logan to walk to him. Logan still realizes it is much faster to crawl to what he wants, but humors us here and there. We have got to get this on video! It is so cute to see that drunken gait. Sometimes he gets off balance, swings his hips front to back with knees out to the sides in a rather hip hop dance kind of move, and stabilizes again. Other times he accidentally swings himself around 45 degrees, so just goes that way. Each time he has this gleeful, amazed expression on his face. So fun!!

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