Monday, August 13, 2012

Sutton at 2 Years Old

Sutton is by far our two-est one. Someone handed him the Being Two Years Old Manual, and he decided to write the updated version. He is into everything! Each time he steals something (which is constantly) and we ask for it back, he runs away. When we get close enough to grab it, he throws it out of reach. Not a big deal when he has a hair tie. Not a good idea with the tv remote or my camera or a glass or…..

He moved to his big boy bed a couple months ago when he started climbing out of his crib. He hasn’t stopped climbing out since then! Rarely do we get a full night’s sleep. Around 2 or 3am each morning, he crawls into bed with us. It’s super sweet…until the kicking begins. Yet, I love to wake to that sweet little face next to me on the pillow. After weeks of this, I am a walking zombie. It’s not uncommon for me to wake squished between Sutton and Logan. So, I’ve had to become the mean mommy once again. When Sutton comes in while it is still dark, I tell him to go back to his room and get in his bed. Once he has, I will go tuck him in. He will usually stay until dawn, which is a huge improvement! After daylight breaks, I will usually let him snuggle up until my alarm goes off a few minutes later. This morning however, he returned triumphantly, heralding in the day with the announcement “I went pee pee!” Yes, this is good news, BUT it meant instead of the usual warm snuggle and hitting the snooze button, I had to get right up to get the bare bottomed Button a new diaper, wash his hands and get him his earned treat. Yeah, potty training is great, blah blah blah. Although he is potty training, it is far from consistent. The desire for treats and praise is there, but he doesn’t yet recognize that it isn’t an On Demand feature of his body. He will sit there getting frustrated, banging on his privates yelling “PEE PEE!” Kinda cute and sad all at once.

Getting warmed up by Daddy.

First night in his Big Boy Bed!
One of his absolute favorite things to do at home is dance. Well, demand to dance. He knows which button on the keyboard launches the music program. This is first thing he wants to do every day. He will come over to us with an excited grin, say "Dace!" and give a little dancing bounce. Too cute! He also sings along to the songs most often heard on our playlist. Sure, Sexy Back isn't the most appropriate song for a 2 year old to sing, but it sure is cute when he throws his hands in the air and yells "Yeah!" on cue. He now sings songs on his own, which is unbelievably cute. He mostly sings Row Your Boat and Bear is Now Asleep, complete with hand motions. This last one is from his Spring Program. In December, I called him the Unhappiest Elf Ever, as he stood on stage looking sadly stoic. In May, he had such a great time, he wanted to do it again!

Enjoying cocoa on his 2nd birthday.
His language has exploded and he says new words every day. It’s amazing what he comes up with that we didn’t realize he knew. He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses and greets me with the most amazing amount of enthusiasm when I get home every evening. He seems to enjoy being at preschool, but lately has been sad being dropped off. He cries often, but when I peek in 2 minutes later he is happily playing. Trying to get him used to me sending off happily without the long drawn out tour of his classroom, then tears, I now kiss and snuggle him at the door, rather than coming into the school. It seems to be improving, and today he gave me a sweet kiss, then ran off to play.

 Every night we read Go Dog Go and Goodnight Moon. He LOVES Go Dog Go, and it has become an interactive story together. The older boys pipe in as well, making it fun family time. “The dogs go to sleep. They will sleep (all together now!) ALL NIGHT!” As always, story time is one of my favorite parts of the day. When we read any book, he points to different letters and calls them by name, so I’ve decided he is a genius. He wants to do everything we are doing. Although he volunteers to help the most, I’m not sure he’s the biggest helper! He loves to help us cook, cracking eggs (quite well!) and mixing things together. He helps feed the dog and empty the lint trap in the dryer. Oh, and pillage anything he can! He’s absolutely delicious.

Little mensch all dressed up at the family reunion.

I know I'm cute.

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