Friday, February 06, 2009

When mechanical tendencies and creativity collide

Morning Jammie Jam

We aren't exactly morning people. Logan is. Therefore, Hayden (kinda) is. Now that the kids are older, we are more lax on getting up weekend mornings. Really, there are plenty of healthy snacks they can get, two rooms full of fun toys they are allowed to play with, and they know where to find us if they need their butt wiped. We tend to get up every 20-30 minutes from 6am-8:30am making sure they are fine, aren't beating each other up, and not flooding the bathroom under the guise of watering the plant. (Think quick- how long does it take a 2 year old to flood the bathroom? Less time than it takes to think of an answer! Just turn the faucet slightly over the sink counter, and put it on full blast. Ask me how I know that...)

A couple weeks ago I was quite surprised at what I found them doing, or rather where I found them. When I first got up to say good morning, I didn't see them. Then, I heard giggles and heard them call out to me. I looked up, and saw two grinning faces in the cabinets ABOVE their closet. They had moved the bunk ladder to the tall chest of drawers. The chest stands in front of the closet. With that set up it was easy to build a little nest of pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and toys up by the ceiling in the cubbies. What really amuses me is that since Fillip said they were allowed to do that, they haven't done it since. He took all the fun out of it, I guess.

However, it seems that those bins of toys, games, puzzles, books and a room full of off limits electronics like a tv, computer, etc.. just doesn't cut it. Saturday morning they decided to play Swimming Pool. This is how it went- they took their mattress off the bed, stripped the sheets off and made that the pool. They would jump from the actual bed to the mattress on the floor to go "swimming." I just have to assume they were jumping only from the bottom bunk, not doing an Olympic high dive event from the top, but honestly I didn't ask.

See, there was a second element to the game. They know that a pool needs a fence with a gate. A locking gate that must be unlocked to go swimming. So far, it sounds like a little harmless mischief with a well embedded focus on safety, right? Well, not so much. The way they would "unlock" the "pool gate" was to remove a screw from the bunk bed frame. Again, and again, and again.... Hayden somehow knew which of the three different allen wrenches to grab from the counter. Logan just grabbed a sharp knife to use as a wrench, which I didn't know was in the drawer. (He knew because he had spotted it a few days earlier helping Hayden set the table. Again...good values gone terribly wrong!) Anyway, when Fillip went into their room about 20 minutes after I had gone in, the bunk beds were listing to the side, with just one central screw barely holding it together.

I'm not sure the swimming lessons we signed up for will help here.

How could these two do anything wrong?

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Jana said...

Wow, the things those two little brains can come up with when they work together!