Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And the hits just keep on comin'

Last night as my boss and I were debriefing each other after Dancing With the Stars, Fillip called. I didn't answer figuring if he had an emergency, he would leave a message. Well, he did. While at his friend's house, somebody broke the windows on both sides of his cars! It's not even like his friend lives in a bad neighborhood, but I guess it's just as fun, if not more, to smash the windows of a strangers car in front of a beautiful house. By daylight today it looks like it was a bee bee gun. Whatever...that's a $500 deductible we didn't want to have to pay.

Oh, and on the job front...I didn't get lucky like
last time.


Undomestic said...

I'm so sorry about the windows...but mostly about the job. Hopefully another door will be opening soon.

AnnD said...

Hope you are well and coping with the free time (and that isn't a joke).

I remember my husband's car got broken into right after 9/11 - and I thought the world was total injust. Why, why why?