Monday, February 18, 2008

Hi, my name is Marlo and...

Most weekend mornings one of us takes the kids to the Starbuck's drive-thru. They usually get the kids cocoa, which we let them call chocolate coffee. That sounds perfectly appropriate, but it is a bit surprising when they know our order so well. Hayden knows Fillip's particulars and my alternate drinks. Yesterday morning Fillip sent Hayden in for my order while I got to sleep in. It actually surprised me that he didn't repeat grande iced fat free caramel macchiato correctly. I mean, what's wrong with that kid? This morning we were working on the fact that whatever I order is fat free. Getting me full fat is a fireable offense. He is very aware of all our tastes and what we eat and drink. Now and then (ok, usually once a week) when we have a cocktail he asks to taste it. We always tell him no because it has alcohol in it. Well, maybe that is too much information.

Tonight he was playing on his toy phone placing our order. This happens often, and they frequently pretend they are on their way to Starbucks. As I was getting Logan in his jammies, Hayden was busy ordering for us: "Hi, I need to get one warm chocolate coffee. Yeah, for me. And a strawberry cold drink for my brother. He likes that. Yeah. Cafe Americano for my Daddy with an add shot. Uh huh. Oh nuffing.(Must have been offered a pastry at this point.) But also, a grande vanilla latte for my Mommy. That one needs alcohol in it." Do you see the problem here? I'm sure it's obvious to you as well. He forgot the fat free. Otherwise, it sounds perfect.


Jana said...

Cute story! Isn't it funny to hear your daily activities described by your 4 year old?

Please share your favorite non fat starbucks concoctions! My fave is a boring ol' tall mocha frappachino. I have tried the skinny version but of course, don't like it as much. I like my coffed blended but iced is good too. Suggest away! I'd like to be able to go to SB more than once a
month. It feels like such a splurge to me.

mi said...

My current fave is grande iced nonfat caramel macchiato. You can even get a sugar free version w/o the caramel sauce, but nuts to that! Each morning in my building (not SB, but espresso cart) I get a nonfat sugar free vanilla latte. Also, a person at SB told me they should have sugar free chocolate soon for s/f mochas. Basically, I always order fat free milk, and try to use s/f flavors when possible to eliminate those extra calories. Because it give me a serving of milk, I have deemed it healthier than diet coke and worth the price!

Undomestic said...

Oh yes, sounds very perfect!

I prefer Caribou Coffee over Starbucks, but I don't think that chain is everywhere. I get their Caramel Highrise.