Friday, January 18, 2008

Much Ado About Not So Much

Despite my claims that I rarely get sick, I have come down with quite the intense head cold in the last couple days. Because a cold just kind of sneaks up on me, I initially attribute the stuffiness and scratchy throat to allergies. It's not until it persists for several hours, or even days that it finally occurs to me that I am officially sick. Like Snoopy through the French countryside, this one stealthily made its way through my body beginning Wednesday afternoon. As the viral troops amassed in my sinus passages, I could feel myself getting a bit stuffy and tired, but didn't think much of it. Not long before dinner I had to admit that I wasn't feeling so great, and was likely coming down with something. By Thursday morning, I felt as if I were under seige. I can't remember ever feeling that miserable from a cold. After dropping the boys off at school, it took me an hour and 45 minutes to get into work, with the sun in my eyes no matter which way I turned. Yes, it seemed as though it was possible to actually be facing direct sunlight for 360 degrees, although it is possible that the extent of my exaggeration is in direct proportion to the pain inflicted by each ray of sunshine. By the time I arrived at work, it felt as if artillery fire were going off in my head with every cough and sneeze. My ears, sinuses, eyes, face and entire head were in agony from the pressure that had built up. Fortunately, I had Dayquil in my desk at work. One Dayquil and 15 minutes made a world of difference. I found a balance of moderate stuffiness with minimal medicine head and jitters. Today, it seems that those viral troops are billeted somewhere in my sinuses, getting cozy for a few days before heading out to attack someone else. After the intensity and pain of yesterday morning, the usually annoying sneezes, runny nose and moderate fever seem very tolerable. It's amazing how such a minor virus can wreak such havoc.


cg said...

Ahh sorry for the sickies my friend! Hope you feel better soon

Jana said...

I hope you are feeling better Marlo! I am just ready for January to be over, how about you?

mi said...

Feeling much better these days. Just the residual morning stuffiness and cough. Let's hope I don't catch Logan's pink eye. I don't want to have to replace my makeup!